Eon (Trailer) Entry: Alexander Preuss


MarkSnoswell :: Thank you! I hope it also :wink: It´s just at the moment to figure out how i can tackle a lot of things at the same time and don´t lose the quality of the work… I will not complete this challenge if i have any doupt that the final result dont represent my work in the quality i dit it bevore… that would be a big fat lie on myself… but if i have the chance to make something unique out of it i will do my best to make this perfect. Thank you for your support and your kind words!

jfelrod1960 :: Thanks my friend! I am also a big fan of you and your work!

Pixelschumi :: Thanks! Danke Partner!

fifty3dragons :: THX!

Henrikl :: Hope it also! THX for your support!

Nazirull :: :smiley: wait… it´s not over yet :wink:

mv :: Thank you!

warpy :: :slight_smile:

TheFirstAngel :: Hi Sacha, “The Dig” was great and i think the mood is perfect for this challenge. Try to get a copy of this game it i think will give you some awesome ideas for your pic :wink: nethertheless i hope to start working on this next week or the week after that… November is looking a bit better for me :wink: Thank´s for your support my friend.

GonzaloGolpe :: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Great my friend and i hope everything is well on your side also… nice to see ya in here.


cheers alex!

wish you all the best for this nice challenge.
have fun and let’s rock dude!

p.s. du hast post.

Grüße :wink:


Very well and good paited story board.
I think you can make a real good story, better, faster, brighter.

Keep on working and may the power be with you :slight_smile:


I enjoyed the boards! I hope that you can find the time to finish as well! Good luck!



Hey vamp…
Where you at? We’re missing you up here. I look at your boards for inspiration sometimes… Hope you’re still in this thing.


Hello my Friends!

I am so sorry for the not existing updates in this threat! :sad:

I work very hard at the moment on a very large commission which will seperate me from the outer world for some time :wink: :smiley:
…but… it will open me some dors for my “job-related” future! :wink:

You can see a small sneak in my portfolio at the moment… (intro picture) it´s a quick concept painting i have done… I can not tell any more at the moment but i will show you some more work and information very soon.

I surmised as much that i don´t have the time to continue this challenge…
I am sorry for this

Your Friend


im happy about your work is going so good (forgive my english!) but is a sin that you have to stop now.It happens to me more and more in the past and so i know how make it feel.


Thank you for your kind words my friend,

I knew what you mean, and it happens to me also on my first challenge, where i did not even one single post, because i thought i could never mess with all you guys.
This time it was different… shortly after my first post on this challenge i became offered a great job from a US book publisher and the option to earn a great amount of money as also the option to open some doors for my career and i decided to go with this offer and against this challenge.

At the end i will have to make over 30 stunning artworks to complete the live time work of Sir Gene Wolfe with his “Book of the new sun” and this will take my whole energy the next Years, to make sure that it is worth to display in his greatest book series.

I just hope you can understand my decision.

Your Friend


Hey Alex,

Good luck with the work dude.

Cheers ,Corrie


Sorry to hear you won’t be able to continue on the trailer. I really enjoyed the concept stuff you posted here. But congratulations on the job! That sounds like quite a project you’ll be working on (and quite an honour as well). Best of luck with it!


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