Eon (Trailer) Entry: Alexander Preuss


This is awesome. I already can see this trailer on a big screen. One of those stunning trailers that causes this silence in the cinema hall.

Hopefully you can finish it. Good luck :thumbsup:



very well done soryboards! it worsks! very good start.


@ OZ:: Thank you partner!

@ Pixelschumi :: Thanks friend… there are still some importand things missing like a small sequence where you can see that this all happens in the inside of the asteroid…

@ Tenacious :: Thanks my friend!

@ Ishbuu :: THX

@ Grin3d :: DITO my friend!

@ TheFirstAngel :: :smiley: Ha ha great to see ya also in here! how are you Sacha. (na ja Heimspiel ist wohl etwas übertrieben… außerdem wäre mir Arthur C. Clarke lieber gewesen… da er ja nu das Original geschrieben hat :wink: Good luck to you my Friend!

@ SweD :: Hi Jens! Viele Grüße und vielen Dank! THX my Friend!

@ Claireabella :: Thank you! and i whish you also good luck and toons of fun :slight_smile:

[b]By the way: Does anyone remember the Lukasarts game “THE DIG” from 1995 ??!
Funny i remembered the Story after reading the the short description of EON.

[/b][size=2]An asteroid the size of a small moon is on a crash course toward earth, and the NASA is sending a shuttle team to stop it by placing a bomb on the surface. But they activate an Mechanism and the Asteroid changes into a giant spaceship, taking the Astronaut team to a far away planet. They discover an old planet and the remnants of an vaste civilisation that in the end destroyed themselfes. This Asteroid eclosed at the end as a giant archive that was send through space to found intelligent liveforms and to show them the future of their civilisation.[/size]

Looks very similar… not? :wink:


YEAH! i remembet it !!! it was a very very nice game!!! emotional! at that time there was rumors about a movie from steven spielberg!!

No, never heard, but I found yesterday an old C64-Shoot'em-Up named "EON" (Katakis was the better choise). Looks not very similar, but also “inspired by Eon, a novel by Greg Bear” :D.

Found it here : http://www.lemon64.com/

     roman grin3d


Great looking story boards.I know your going to make a killer.


Yeah, The Dig. I knew, I’ve heard the story somewhere. I’ve played it several times many years ago.


Hey Alex:wavey: ,

I’ve already missed your thread in the other categories, I was sure you couldn’t resist!:smiley:
Glad that I found you here and I see you’ve already some very nice ideas!

Glück brauche ich Dir nicht zu wünschen, Du kannst Dich voll und ganz auf Dein Können verlassen, also: viel Spass!:cool:



Hah , found u, awesome, already said elsewhere this challenge is so u! :smiley:

great start already, I can’t believe you found Dig to boost up the already
impressive set of images! That was such a cool game, even though I played
it first time only a few years back on PC!

I hope you have time for this challenge to make a fine finished entry, best of luck buddy :thumbsup:



Ha! now i see who the real cracks are :smiley: :wink: ha ha ha
Thanks buddy! nice to see ya in here!

daWinky:: Hi Sabrina, Ist ja echt cool wie viele Leute bei dieser Challenge schon nach mir ausschau halten :slight_smile: Thank you!

Pixelschumi:: Yea it was so great. I think i played it 3-4 Times. The atmosphere was simple fantastic.

SONIC-X:: Thanks my Friend.

[b]And now the not so good news

Yesterday i signed to a bigger project which will throw my whole timeframe for the next month into garbage and i have to focus on this because this could open me complete new dors for my future! Maybe i have the chance to re use a lot of the work for this project because the theme is also Science Fiction, but it is quite unclear yet.

So… i can promise to try my best for finishing this challenge and hope you all stay tuned.

(That´s it what makes the whole thing so funny… [color=White]Stress can improve your skills at 200 Percent :smiley: )[/color][/b]


HEY!!how are you??:scream: I´ll take a look at this work, sure you´ll do a very cool trailer (love that “eon” prints):thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Good luck and warm regards!!


awesome storyboard alex, very teasing and promissing. as for the dig, don’t remember that one, ble now i am pissed off i missed it, really was addicted to the whole old lucasart games, they were simply priceless fun :slight_smile: benutze holzbein mit alter lappen… rofl ^^ i miss those, really


looking good, keep it up.


Hey, just wanted to come in and say that this storyboard is really cool , looking at it I see the trailer quite clearly, great job.



Hey man, I really like your concepts. They’re beutiful. Hope U can find the time to finish!


A very nice start. The colors on your boards are quite compelling, and have a great sense of motion in them. Best of luck.


So then, I wish you all the best with your project.



Best of luck Alex … I’m a big fan! :thumbsup:



Dont over load yourself … however I do hope you can complete this challenge – great start :slight_smile: