Eon (Trailer) Entry: Alexander Preuss


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Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Storyboard Page 4


NO… I COULD NOT RESIST :slight_smile: :smiley:

Lets have some funny days my friends :wink: this challenge sounds very promising!


STORYBOARD - 10-7-2006


Hey, good luck Alexander and have fun … :).



Good luck Alexander!
Have fun!


Aha! The judge returns to mix with the common folk! :smiley:

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey vampeta, your work is great. You got a team already or you´re going solo?
Would like to join the team if you want me. P.M if it´s ok.



I look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with! You do really great work! :slight_smile:


Hi Alexander,

This is so right up your alley dude.

Have lots of fun.

Keeping an eye out for this one.


Hello my Friends and thank you for your warm welcome…

This is going to be my first Teaser/Trailer since the last 3 years and my very first one for a possible upcoming movie :bounce:

Well where should i start… ?!

Some Points for Interested Members and Friends:

[li]I see this more as a good training for me and i am not sure if i have time to finish this because of all my other comercial projects i have on my todo-list… because of that reason i have the plan do this in Solo at this time (that won´t make anyone angry if i have to say that i don´t have time to finish this![/li][li]At the Moment there is no intended to work with live footage from real actors but i will shot some locations and TV-Samples with my camcorder to mix them up with the Final Teaser-Trailer.[/li][li]I also will properbly need an good english spokesperson for the syncronisation but maybe i can do this also with simple text[/li][li]I will try to focus on my 3D skills but there will properbly also a lot of mattpaintings in this.[/li][li]At last… If i am going to build a team for this… it will be very small to keep the overview and the communication very claen and fast.[/li]

  • One 3D modeler & animator with good human Character skills.

  • One composer for a short and impressive Soundtrack and cool sound fx
    [/ol]Short Idea!

[li]I will start with a Black screen[/li][li]we see small cut´s out of tv-latest news shows with footage from war, nuclear explosions, blockades on see, and demonstrations on the streets… very short and very unsharp.[/li][li]camera zooms out of an i-pod like handheld in the hand of an astronaut, on board of an futuristic space shuttle who sits on a backseat.(could be some kind of special Nasa equipment)[/li][li](Pilot1 - voice:) “Attention Folks… we are short bevore touchdown”[/li][li]outside of the shuttle heading for the camera and the earth on the top left… very great and very impressive with some spheric sounds like a very deep buzz and whale sounds as overlay[/li][li](Pilot2 - voice:) “My God”[/li][li]The siluete of the rock takes shape in a moment where the sunrise starts of the other side of the earthsphere and the shuttle is right in front of the cam.[/li][li]black screen with credits from the writer…[/li][li]Now comes in at last 40-60 seconds very short scenes out of the EON universe with very fast cuts (hollywoodlike :wink: Bettween these cuts i will show some keywords or i have the voice of a old spokesperson who reads those keywords… something like this… i am not sure at the moment"[/li][li]With a deep buzz the siluette of the rock fades back to black and after that the EON logo becomes visible.[/li][li]Fun screen in Hollywood movie style with credits[/li][/ol]So… that´s the base Idea for now… i think it will change a bit during the challenge depending on my capabilities… we will see :wink:

Over the WE i will start on the storyboard and on the previz

see ya
:wink: Alex


Good luck with the trailer challenge. I think we are all short on time… but hopefully we can help each other out and get this challenge finished. Enjoy! :bounce:


Hello friend. It’s like looking over the fence. :smiley: Interesting ideas I’ll have to visit here more often. Good Luck!


woop ! I ask myself this night where could be the vampeta’s thread ! I’VE FOUND IT ! :scream:… could’nt resist hum ? it’s good for us ! Hope you’ll find time to finish this one, and for now, waiting your first graphic stuff ! good luck :thumbsup:


lol, aufgespürt, searched and found. hi alex, good to see you again, came to wish you best luck and lots of fun! rock em all, heimspiel ^^ hehe :beer::buttrock:


I wish you all the best for the Challenge. Good luck! It seems to be going a very interesting thread. I’m looking forwar to see more.

roman grin3d


First Page of my rough storyboard… subject of change :wink:


Second Page of my rough storyboard…


Third Page of my rough storyboard…


fourth Page of my rough storyboard…


Looking great mate! Very cool work, good luck :slight_smile:


Very nice work. Very polished looking story boards. I like it alot. You have captured a really nice mood to the trailer so far, very fast paced and atmospheric (at least this is how I see it from your storyboards.) Keep up the good work.