EON - The Book!


Oo…finally a place to find answers…thanks for this thread.
my question: i wanna know more and more about Naderites and Geshels in this book.As i know they are two different groups of people which one of them avoid the new and modern techlologies and others are opposite, they love the technology and live with this. This is my poor information about them…where do they live in this imaginary world?
on which chapter i can find information about them and in which champer do they live?
any help about them will be appreciated.


Subha- As I understand things, the south end of Axis City has two “broad cubes” on the
singularity providing power and propulsion along the flaw.
Next is Axis Nader ( a big cylinder), then comes “Central City” ( the three bigvanes?)
Then comes Axis Euclid and Axis Thoreau, both described as big cylinders with
thousands of lights. These are obviously brief descriptions of enourmous objects,
so go for the creative embelishments!

living_for_cg- References to the Naderites and Geshels are spread out all through the book.
So I cant direct you to any particular page. But I think that the Naderites
migrated (they were forced to by the Geshels) from the second chamber
where they lived in a city called Alexandria. They primarily live in Axis Nader.
The Geshels live primarily in Axis Euclid and Axis Thoreau, and they came from
the city of Thistledown in the third chamber. The entire asteroid is also called

   What I have wondered is where does the word "Geshels" come from? It sounds kinda

like hebrew or something?


Scotti Leslie …> thanks so much , helped me alot.:thumbsup:


Thanks all for the info! I’ll pick up a copy soon from a local store. Ive learned from the LOTR weta and production team, most of them have read the tolkien novels. Make a big difference.

And Peter Jackson himself is an authority when it comes to LOTR. I think we are playing Peter Jackson here, the only difference is that we are the WETA team too.

And Peter also did some necessary changes to the story to fit the screen. I think it can be suitable here also. Like what Peter did to the Pelennor Fields battle, the number of army in the book doesnt look so spectacular if translated directly to the screen. So he up the number a bit.

Actually, the stone in Eon, is Ceres…the biggest asteroid. I found it out here

Look under year 2400

And NASA description of Ceres is close to Greg Bear’s in EON…


Question, length of a chamber is 30km…thatll be 210km for 7 chambers, we have around 700km left? Correct?


actuatally the asteriod, Kleopatra is almost dead on to the dimensions of the stone. weighing in at 216X 92 km.


sorry to ask this:rolleyes:. but can anyone explain the Axis city abit for me.?? according to what says here . I need this place for my work and didnt get anything from it…(was a bit hard for me to understand :shrug:)
Thanks so much.


I Would have liked to be of help, but reading through the excerpt left me utterly confused, I can’t visualize it either, sorry :(.


I don’t know, but I think everybody is getting way to focused on the details of certain characters and places from the book and not going through some analysis of the concepts that surround this great scenarios and the people in them, I believe that putting some thought to that can really improve the overall look of the illustration, making it stronger… just a thought.


I could agree, if not for the fact that not a few of us, for different reasons, can rely only on the excerpts presented in the ‘inspiration’ section, and to get an inkling of the broader concepts we must first understand those as they were meant…

No offence intended, of course.


Hi there, thanks for this thread to clear things up for people, as the concept is really not too easy to understand…

I’ve read through all posts and afaik there’s something that hasn’t been said yet about the singularity, 7th chamber and corridor (and someone’s said something wrong) AFAIK so I wanted to clarify:

OK, so afaik the 7th chamber is your average chamber with nothing much special besides that it appears to go on forever which it does not. Instead after travelling the distance of your average chambers’ 30km, you then are no longer in the 7th chamber but in the corridor. And this is the point where the singularity starts (or ends).
The discription of the singularity is quiet unspectacular: just some cylinder appearing to be made out of quicksilver.

(I’m not through the book yet btw, correct me if I’m wrong)


im agree…but as long as its difficult for us to read it all and get a general idea and think about that…most of us just rely on a specific part that we do some search on it and then start a concept according to that part.its the main problem for most of us…



I have a question: Is there a Flaw (or something like a chamber entrace tube) for each Chamber? Actually, I want to understand the entrace to the First Chamber?
Thank you!



As far as I understand it, the Flaw (singularity) is only present in the 7th chamber - all the chambers have bore hole along through which the plasma tube runs and also a large circular caps at either end of the each chamber. The first chamber bore hole has a docking section onto the vacuum of space, which is actually three rotating rings each with a circular docking facillity. I think there are also circular ‘elevators’ here to the chamber floor. The other end of the chamber has a cap and the plasma tube runs the length of the chamber.


Thank you! It helps me a lot.


I am also intrigued by the Axis City geometry. I’ve tried a quick sketch (20mins) to illustrate in a quick way how I imagine axis nader , the cubes, the blades and the plasma tube…look in my thread HERE and let me know if this is accurate or this is what you have in mind also! I don’t want to start the actual scene until I’m not sure of the geometry and find the right pose. Thanks in advance!


All those four cities are hazy for me. And how they are connected, fits one in an other is strange. Anyone tryed to make a sketch/technical drawing of the whole structure? The descriptions seems incomplete and illogical :shrug:


Subha post #40

It looks like there are a lot of people not quite understanding exactly what Axis City looks like. I think that’s because included some details (likem the cubes in the front, the main cylinder, the vanes) and in other places not been entirely specific about where they all sit in relation to each other. And in other places, some parts (like the descriptions of the cubes on the south end) even seem contradictory. Subha, in post #40 of this thread, has the best general summary of what we know but even that, as he points out, has some elemetns that don’t quite agree.

So we’re not going to get a definitive sketch, layout, or anything else: The specifics are all open to each artist’s interpretation. In the end, if it feels right to you without blatantly contradicting the text, it’s all good. :slight_smile:



The descriptions in the book suffer from, I think, a spat of bad editing. I wrestled with this last night. The other possibility is that the city is so huge that the different descriptions are acurate, but from differing perspectives.
Walrus is right, as is Subha, artistic license is the ticket. As long as you don’t stray too far from the narrative.
Anyway, given the perspective argument, you’d never see the whole thing at once, unless you add ( as I’m thinking of doing ), some kind of diagramatic element to your composition.
Great thread!


hey guys i am looking for information on thistledown -

in the inspiration section it doesnt mention if the chamber is lived in or if it has an atmosphere
or a sky or weather !

i know the there are huge stone structures with cables and buildings which gives me a start but any more info would be great

thanks a lot


bearfoot> All the chambers have an atmosphere and varying weather conditions.
Thislecown is abandoned, but in perfect repair. The trains still run, and there’s power and light. All the enities ( corporal and otherwise ), were moved to Axis City when it was built and sent off down the Way. Only Olmy and the Frant are there.