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Want to discuss the story? Here’s the place! :slight_smile:


Yay! First off, thank you Robert! I’m really glad we have this forum to talk about the book with everyone, not just in individual threads.

I’ll kick off the conversation with an open question about the Plasma Tubes. If I get it correctly, it’s a bunch of rings moving so fast that it looks like a tube around the singularity down the center of each chamber. But how does a ship pass through it? If it’s plasma, wouldn’t it burn up? And if you’re travelling down the Singularity in the TubeRider, wouldn’t that light be all around you? How would you even see the outside wlls/floors of the cylider? I’m just not getting it yet… Any thoughts, anyone? :slight_smile:




I’m also reading the book now (and maybe participate to the challenge), and I’m extremely confused about the configuration and the geometry of the Stone.

I’m intrigued by the characters and the politics, but I have no idea how the place is supposed to work or how it should look like (yeah, I know, it’s part of the challenge - but I mean on the very basic, chambers-are-aligned-like-this-and-this-is-how-tuberider-works-etc. level).


From what I gather, only the 7th chamber has the ‘Singularity’ - which is what gives the gravitational effect within the altered 7th chamber. The rest of the chambers rely on the rotation of the Stone for the gravitational effect, along with the inertial dampening unit in the 6th chamber.

I picture the Plasma as more of a thick cloudy glowing mass than in a super-heated state. Like a self-illuminating thick fog - often times characters are in or near it, and I’ve not yet seen any mention of danger or harm coming from it.

Think of it like this:

Lay 7 soup cans on their side, end-to-end, in a row. Thats the basic chamber configuration. Each chamber is 50km in diameter, and 30km long, so they’re not actually can shaped - its also hinted they’re like ‘valleys’, so the cylindrical sides could likely be U or V shaped rather than flat. Each cylinder is capped at each end by large grey walls, and along the axis, down the center of the chambers, is the Plasma Tube - which is the light source.

The citys and land are all around the inner walls of the cylinders, as the whole Stone rotates along its axis producing a gravitational effect. So when you’re standing on one side, you can look up and see the Plasma Tube, and through the atmospheric haze you can see the top-down view of the opposite wall as if you’re high up in the sky. A small, self-contained, ring world basically.

Once you understand that basic layout, a lot of the descriptions in the book start to make more sense. I’ve found that although I’m only 1/3rd of the way through, you can’t really rely on excerpts from the chapters for solid descriptions (and I feel really sorry for the souls who try this challenge using only those inpiration passages). Much of the visual look of each chamber is spread evenly throughout several chapters - and sometimes you’ll read something that makes no sense until you read something else later that clears it all up. I’m deffinatly not going to start concepting until I’ve finished the book - hah.

Hope this helps…


Am still waiting for mine to get here. Will be great to talk about it here.


Err you mean 300km long not 30km? 300x50 yes?

And a question: how the chamber ends and how we enter in? Is there a big entry at the ends of the cylinders?

Thanks for any help.


I was thinking about the dimensions of the chambers and the stones. Yes its 30km x 50km Wide at its widest points.

1 kilometer = 0.621371192 miles

The stone is 91 km at its highest Diameter, and 292 km in length
The first Chamber is 30 km deep, and 50 km wide.

The 7th Chamber we note begins around 220km into the Stone

The boreholes are roughly 1-2 km in length
By my calculations that makes the remaining Chambers about 36 km In Length

In US Miles

The stones length is 181.4196 Miles long with a diameter of 56.538 Miles
the 1st chamber is 18.623 Miles Deep and 31.065 Miles wide
Chambers 2-6 are 22.366666 miles deep and roughly about 30 miles wide.
the 7th chamber remains Infintly long =)

the Boreholes are roughly about 1 mile deep/long

Some other things that I have been thinking about are the fact that there is no reason to build are some of the problems that we have here on Planetside. Such as Earth quakes, wind sheer, and other natural disasters. This means you can have some really nice and tall Megas in the second chamber.

However you would not get any Stalgmites or Stalgtites of epic proportions even 1000 years wouldn’t be enough time. On top of that to create either or, you need water condensation if I remember correctly. Thus the 4th chamber you would have epicly carved pillars to help support the Thistledown Buildings.

Just somethings I was thinking about.

Mike– Getting back on topic about the flaw, after having read the book, finished it Saturday afternoon. I would envision the plama tubes separate from the flaw itself. A number of times through out the book it is described as having multiple plasma tubes. While the Flaw/Sigularity is a constant it would be like this invisible force, like a buffer of air you can sense its there with out really being able to grab it. But just like a buffet of air you could ride on it, in it, near it. There is really never a clear description of the flaw. I have been thinking about how one might illustrated it as well.


Great mibus! thank you for the sticky!
I’ve got my book now (italian version) so i can start to read again from beginning.



wOOT, my books just got here. This is where my speed reading skills come in :stuck_out_tongue:


I would have to read over. The novel is ambitious chapter .


Is the airplane built actually also of humans? Or how am I to understand that? Fly with the airplane to the hole and in the hole is then paralell the whole to the internal airplane? Can someone help there further?


Thanx a lot, Robert! :thumbsup:


I`m planning to work on the seventh chamber with a focus on modeling of odd vegetation… is there somebody who read the book and can tell me if there is any descriptions of it?? what kind of vegetation it is? I suppose an alien looking one yes? :curious:

By advance thank you for any info.

I will recive my book only after the 20 october :cry:


Nope, 50km diameter, 30km length - they’re almost twice as wide as they are long.

The chamber caps are ~1km thick at their thinnist point, and have a small ‘bore hole’ in the center (at the ‘Axis’) about 1km in diameter. The plasma tube runs down the axis, the full length of each chamber, but is wider than the bore holes (I can’t recall how wide it says they are). Its stated that the Plasma Tube is actually 6 seperate entities that begin and end anew in each chamber, rather than a single entity that runs continously throuch all chambers.

Entry to the Stone is done through the first chamber bore hole (which opens directly to space) via a ‘rotating dock’. Moving from chamber to chamber within the stone is done either through the bore holes in each cap - or through tunnels around the cap located at ‘ground level’ and designated by large arches. There are many of said tunnels to drive through, and also trains which run the length of the stone through them. As well, there are also 4 equally spaced elevators around each cap which take you from ground level to the axis. The elevators twist around the face of the cap slightly (in the opposite direction the stone turns) so that they cancel out the spin of the Stone by the time their occupants reach the axis.


I’m just under half-way through, but the descriptions given of the plant life in the 7th chamber (and stone in general), so far, make it out to be very plain. Sandy ground, short dry / yellowish grass, and a ‘dwarf forest’ which dissapears the farther you move away from the cap. So far no alien vegetation is mentioned, because all the plant-life in the stone was taken from Earth.


Great that we have such a thread for this challenge. I am a bit confused about chamber listing.
I found description of 6 in the inspiration folder, but what about another one? What kind of chamber it is - is it the Death? Don´t have the book, so I will mainly work with my feeling about this subject. Hopefuly will not run too far from author´s point :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance.


Thanks alot Bael for this verry good info. I picture better the whole asteroid and chambers in. :bounce:


Great, this kills my idea of alien like plants hahaaaaaaa :banghead:

Anyway thanks alot for the info.


The Death is a Nuclear Winter/War on Earth. The 6th chamber was used for inertial(sp?) dampening and industry, there is no moving parts and is very dark and dreary the first time its introduced. Qoute from the ebook about the sixth chamber “the machinery has been modified and expanded. It once covered about three square kilometers, and the rest of the sixth chamber was used for industry and research, things that couldn’t be done in the cities.” It doesn’t really give more of a description than what is in the inspiration pages.


I’m with Nomad, Bael, you’ve made it more clear for me. Thanks for the helpful description. :thumbsup:

Still, does anyone know where the singularity is in relation to the plasma tubes? Also, is travel through the plasma tubes possible? I think the book did mention this…can’t remember. :shrug: