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I know I have a late start but I couldn’t pass up the chance. I think my final composistion will be centered around one of the chandelier buildings that were described in Alexandria. This is my first post here. This is quite an inspiring community.


Welcome! Better late than never… Some really interesting geometry you have there so far. Good luck putting it all together into a whole composition. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take it. Best of luck to you!



SAme as Walrus!!And a wery werry wishtmas!!!


Welcome to Cgtalk and the Challenge Will.

You still should have enough time to finish man, we still have around 20 days left till this thing tops off.

Very nice and clear initial model man. You got no time to waste so get us an update soon :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the encouragement. The next installment will be on the evening of Dec 28. I plan to have more immediate context and allusions to the scale of the stone. I did some initial studies on that subject. I will try and post some of my pen sketches after Christmas since I hopefully will be getting a digital camera and can document some images from my sketch book.


This is my initial composistion. I just wanted to nail it down, so I could move on. The scale is not so apparent yet. If you can see a few little dots on the bottom left of the image on a boardwalk element, those are people. The fill between the larger structures is going to be difficult for me. I am going to paint over the 3d so I don’t wont to over build, and that’s were I am going to struggle.


Very cool looking geometry (still), Will! I love the scale of everything. The one comment I have is on composition… I think this would look really nice as a landscape composition. OR as a portrait composition. right now it seems to be stuck in the middle, neither one nor the other. What about extending the canvas up, so that we can take in even more of the incredible height of the main building? Or extending it right so swe can see more of the curving landscape, and so the main building would take up 1/3 of the image (thirs always being a strong divider compositionally.) Anyhow, just some ideas to think about. Best of luck either way…!





Well, take your pick. I have always been partial to landscapes because of thier “epicness”, but either one works for me.


I am at a little pause, but after looking at okmers latest post I have been inspired to jump into 2d. No Fear! Well, a little.


yea they can go either way, but i think the portrait version would be quite spectacular imho…heres hopin you can pull this off!,

best of luck



Nice work - I think both are even stronger than the earlier version! But hmm, it’s a tough call which one. I think they both look good! The landscape is a really nice compostion. But I love the portrait image because I love being able to see the grey spikes on your main building, and the organic red shape in it really shows off well in that perspective. The only thing, though, that I feel could possibly make it stronger is a slight shift of the camera angle: In your inital layout and all of the other shots, it’s great seeing the walkway (where you initially put the dots repersenting huamns) mostly edge on becuase it reinforces the scale by putting the camera at eye-level. In this portrait shot, the camera is very high, which distances the viewer a bit.

And even more importantly, now the walkway takes up a huge portion of the composition. It’s just my opinion, but perhaps if you could move the camera down so that the walkway were more on edge but still in the bottom-most part of the scene, the tower would look even more tall and impressive and take up the lion’s share of the composition as it deserve. Anyhow, just my opinions - but time is short, don’t let me side-track you too much! :slight_smile:

Good luck either way!



Don’t mind the colors.


I am going to use the walkway as a transistion to scale. I am going to try to detail it with many elements that will allude to the personal scale. The width I think is about a kilometer wide maybe a little less, so a lot could go there.


I have to admit, when the previous image was posted I didn’t really know where you were going with this, but now it’s starting to come together. Very interesting concept, keep up the good work!


interesting concepts going…ill be honest the lime green made me click here :slight_smile: good luck with the final!!

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I would like to detail a little of the foreground and add some clouds. Any comments welcomed, especially how to add a little more richness in color as well as anything else.


I guess I’m just going to keep adding details until times up.


impressive design on those buildings! I wonder what kind of color scheme you’ll have here? Good luck and keep it up man!