Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


And me,well I keep on enjoying watching you work all the way!!!love it
The last one, the values seems pushed quit far for on the characters.


You Roxx Man!


Hey, Torsten!

Just dropped by to give you a warm cheer and all best wishes for your finished piece. It looks outstanding already and I can’t wait to see more of your color magic! I will constantly come and check on your progress be asured of that. Nothing to crit yet. I hope I can give you some helpful input when you’re facing all the nasty details. :wink:


Adjusting values and colors…


Okmer, thanks a lot. Thought about it and played around with it for a while. Maybe i´ll leave it that way, maybe i won´t. There´s still time for experiments…:slight_smile:

Oz, thanks man, looove your stuff as well i must say.

Hey Daniel, good to see you around. Ja, i thought i had some time back in November but of course i ended up drowning in work. I finish this mainly because i hate loose ends.
Please do so, come back end of next week, will you?prettyplease

I will continue with this on Thursday, thanks everybody for dropping by and every comment!


This is looking great, no crits, just keep going and get to the finish :slight_smile:


Hey Torsten,

It looks wonderfull! And getting better and better!

I don’t know what to add! :thumbsup: We still have some time and it looks like you know where you are going :slight_smile: .



Awesome, details are just getting better and better. Especially in the clothing. I would try some other typography there for either one of the texts, they are a bit too different now… But this is awesome piece, keep it up!


greatly painted man, can`t wait to see it fully detailed


Very nice angle and representation of the world. Great colors on Patricia!!


for a second I thought Olmy was flipping Patricia off. LOL j/k

Love the composition, keep up the good work!


im with SNoWs! :stuck_out_tongue: gotta love the composition! very eye catching! :eek:

pretty massive too! :eek:

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:

keep em comin!


Hey, i´m working on it, okeeeeyyy?

hrhr But seriously: i´m on it every day, but 1 or 2 hours a day is all i´m able to keep clear. Nothing worth to show though, if necessary i´ll take the last 3 days off to finish this.

Thanks for all the input, really appreciate it.



Great work. Beautiful colors.


Now that there is a work of grace and beauty. Stellar, Torsten!!

That’s a great book cover, for sure. If Ballistic ever does a book of this challenge, I’d vote this image for that cover!


O.K.,time´s running, major update. Been working on it whole sunday, tommorow i will try to get a decent datailed background, on tuesday i´ll take care of those characters in the front.
Phew, let´s call it a day.

Jeff and weedlog, thanks for the nice comments. :slight_smile:


looks great Torsten… the only thing that seems strange to me is that the frant’s head seems somewhat inside the clouds… i would suggest seperating him just a tad from the bg elements of your scene…


Hey Torsten,

Great work, and it looks like you are still going to polish it up to the last minute! :scream:
I hope to see your final very soon!

Go go Torsten!:wip:


Well, i wont’ bother you with nitpicking on this one. Looks great anyway and I would really have to search …

… seriously, no flaws! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work and good luck in the judgement!


This must be the winner…it’ll defy logic if it isnt…it has to be…