Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Fingers crossed, here! Waiting to cheer you as you cross the finishing line.:slight_smile:


good luck on your final run and hope to meet you on the finishing line :slight_smile: go go go Torsten! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Refining the concept…


Angel, thanks buddy!! Same to you, hoping you will finish it in time.See you there hehe

Thaldir, thanks as well. This really helps, really,i mean it…

And now to my daily work hawhaw…


Beautifull sketches, man. Now that I’m pretty much done, it will be nice to relaxe and watch you try to finish before the dealine. Good luck.


Just love the pic and the palette you’ve used.THe title really works out well too just as the composition I really find cool and dynamic!
Can’t wait to see this image cross the finish line mate!!!go,go,go:D


Heya, Torsten, good to see you back in it agains after a hiatus. Another great layout too - man, you make those “worm’s eye view” cameras looking up at characters seem so effortless, I’ve been impressed by every single shot of yours where you’ve used that! Looking good, no crits here yet, just hurry! :slight_smile:
Good luck…



I always admire those who can pull off the gestural brush stroke look. I hope your final image can still retain that loose feel…gorgeous colour and striking comp :D.



Very cool, I like everything about it, It just needs the details and needs to get tightend up! Good luck with the finale!



wow! Where did this come from?? Excellent work - fantastic color, cool perspective, elegant characters and nice paintwork. Hope to see this one finished - good luck!


Detailing Patricia…
I will post some steps tomorrow :slight_smile:


Chuck, yeah,rub it in.g There´s still a loong road to go, so relax, you deserve a little break. Hey, what do you mean ,"try"to finish it? Watch me :scream:

Okmer, thanks for the encouragement.

Walrus, thanks a bunch buddy. It really feels good to join you guys again. Yes, i know, time is not my friend right now. But, you know, in the end it´s all a mind game…

SEL, yes, you´re right: Details. What was it again about Details …?
Ah, yes: Need them. Lots of them. Hehe, just kidding: Thanks:)

Ranath, out of the blue i would say. Apart from that i´m really sorry to join you that late. Didn´t worked out quite the way i planned this time. Thank you!

I still have to do my daily work, but nevertheless i will continue with Olmy and the Frant tommorow.


impressive as always, Torsten :slight_smile:

i’m looking forward to the finished piece…will be great.


Very nice work! This is SO Patricia! Very natural.

Great! :thumbsup:



you handled the reflected light really well, looks great!
i think her eye brows may be a little thick however, what you reckon?


Yeah, this rocks! I like your style, her clothes looks fantastic. Keep working!:thumbsup:


Great concept!


Then let me be the first inform you of the deadline extension to the 31st, assuming you haven’t seen it. Lucky barstad.

Ahem, not that you needed more time; it’s already a great painting.


Great stuff Torsten, really like your style


I´m not happy with this one, but i leave it that way until the Olmy-Concept is done.