Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


An interesting concept thats accurate to the descriptions.

Well done :slight_smile:


i like your style its very good sketching


EPIC! Thats what I see with this one. Very nice direction.


Uh oh… Mr Bear was here:scream:!


Yeah, nice work. It has much depth and a cool atmosphere. Looking forward to you final image :slight_smile: Like the style. Good luck!


you are such a killer, Torsten :slight_smile:

I will enter in two weeks, i think i’ll have to buy the book as well…

good luck


looking real epic man. great!


Thanks a bunch for all your comments on the last pic. I must say that without your posts i wouldn´t consider the last pic to be worth a second look. But then again, i have nothing at all to lose so i thought about giving it another try… oh well… 120 pages left…

Erich, it was about time for you to show up, hehe. Finally. Looking forward to your work:thumbsup:

Schnubbi, (what a nice name…schnubbi…giggle) thanks. Been visting your thread, looks good, man. Damn good. Definitely will be watching your progress.

notpill, yeah. Looks like. Confused

Neubius, thanks. Yes, a somehow epic feeling is what i´m looking for. Thank you !

Same goes for rares of cours, thanks buddy.

DriverD, snowstorm, thanks for dropping by.

Michael,thanks, very much appreciated.

Greg Bear, thanks a lot. Trying to keep up with the imagination of another mind sometimes is very hard. I only wish i would find a way to cram in somehow at least a dozen aliens of the second half of the book into one picture…haha.

conkrys, thanks man. Yes, right now i´m totally lost with the perspective, i know, but i rather go with the flow so to speak right now than worrying about that.
Yeah, i love the colors from the first sketch myself but frankly, the discription of a countryside which was “not much to look at” wasn´t very inspiring at the end :smiley:

WIL, right now i´m still working with Photoshop, because that makes it easier to push around those layers. But i will most likely switch to Painter later.

beelow, man, you´re so right about the two focuses. Let me know what you think about my attempt to get those in a row :shrug:


Trying out boubouls suggestion about putting both focuses on one axis. Works better i think.


Nice! I like it like that! both depth of field and focus is right there! It also creates a nice left to right read as well!:thumbsup: Your choices of colors are nice too!:thumbsup:

I also like that the perspective is forced too; it is very effective here!:thumbsup:


These are looking really nice, Torsten! Love the perspective angles you’re trying out. It’s great, as always, watching you work.

To tell you the truth, I liked the layout of the earlier sketch more: For one thing, I find this image “left-heavy” Everything’s piled onto one side. It looks like a mirror image of a wrap-around book cover: Important stuff like main character on one side, and then text will go over all of the less importnat art on the back cover. I also liked in the last sketch how you could see more of Axis City.

I see we’re both taking similar approaches, worm’s-eye-view camer angles trying to capture the grandiose (Axis City) and the personal (Patricia) at the same time. Not an easy task… But I know you’re up to it!

Looking forward to more…



great concepts you got here! i think i like the first 7th chamber concept, the reckless and vast atmosphere, i also liked the library a lot, although i think it is too static but love the characters in it, you might have something interesting in that one if you work with the angles an the lighting


Greet Idea, no more that just great. Really very atmosherical image. I think one of the best ideas… Good Luck


Maaaan you got it ! I like it very much ! :thumbsup:

Keep it up mate, excellent work dude :beer:


Good luck in this round too! You have awesome concepts:)


Okay the only reason i’m saying this is because i like it so much. I love the location and the characters…but what are they supposed to be doing (cringe!)

The atmosphere is just begging for something and they aren’t doing much.

The layout and perspective are very inspirational though:thumbsup:


Hehe, Buffichar, why should i, when you´re absolutely right? This won´t be the picture i´m going to make anyway and my main concern about it is just what you mentioned.
Instead i will do some other concepts and decide later. Thanks for the input.

rawwad, same to you pal. Thanks for the nice comment.

bouboul, ohoh, that´s almost spooky, you figured out the very same lines i had on a seperate layer. Was it that obvious :smiley: ? As i mentioned, i will however do some other concepts as well but this one gave me some good ideas.

Walrus, i guess you´re right, we are both on the same track. Wasn´t aware of that. Well, i think there´s room in this town for us both haha , but i will keep on looking for other inspirations. Thanks for the input, always very helpful:)


:smiley: glad to know that we have the same vision :smiley:
Go go go mate, and show us your new good ideas ! :applause:
Cheers mate :beer:


Really beautiful, best capture of the feel from the book that I’ve seen so far. The placement of Patricia and the other characters is excellent. Really looking forward to seeing the final on this one!

I got some catchin’ up to do… sheesh!


:thumbsup: Great work Torsten

The perspective / viewpoint is really looking good and dispite the vastness of the stone compared to size of a person, you’ve really captured scale and feel of the place.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops… great work :slight_smile: :applause: