Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Isnt it fun? Its like being Alan Lee for Eon…instead of LOTR…some of our sketches here might go into history when this thing makes it to the big screen!!


really nice, excellent lighting



Superb beginning and great palette! Your work and style keep the viewer wishing for more…!
I look forward to seeing you on the finishing line! :thumbsup:


The library is astounding.Great use of colours.However you may want
to thrown eon elemnts like plasma tubes,vast cylindrical ceilings and overhanging
cities.Good work.


I really like the library. The seventh chamber is also well done (especially since, if I read correctly, you drew it before actually reading the book; it’s very much how I pictured it in my own head). But the library pic was the one that really grabbed my attention. There’ no real hint of the wider setting with that one, of course, but it really conveys that moment between Patricia and Lanier well. Nicely done.


Lovely sketch.
How long did it take you to come up with it?

Really like that library. Is it based on a real library somewhere around the world?


Playing around with the idea of combining the first and second sketch.
Have to do it again i guess, this result definitely sucks… :-/


Hey, thanks everybody for the kind posts and suggestions. Been busy all week ( and still), but during the week i should have some time to answer and do another sketch.
I´m still not sure where to go but i have at least 150 pages left, so i ´ll see what pops up next.
Thanks a million!


dude! … i have absolutely no idea what sucks in this concept … :eek:

( well … i havent read the book :stuck_out_tongue: … but still … :stuck_out_tongue: )

i love this :love: really good work … come what may … its a delight seeing ur work … :bounce:

cheers to u mate! :beer: … good luck! :thumbsup:


Sucks !? :eek: Maaaaaaaan that’s hot stuff :bounce: Dynamic is impressive !

I think I know why U said that… maybe it is a little problem of composition : you have 2 points of force on your scketch ( the big architecture with the beam on the upper left and Patricia on the lower right ) Maybe if you find the way to put both of them on the same axis…

I hope you understood my poor english :blush:
Cheers mate ! I like your work ! Keep it up !:beer:


Hey buddies, thanks for the encouragement and especially for the input bouboul, which makes perfect sense to me. You´re right, i think it´s particularly the composition that doesn´t work somehow.
Maybe i really shouldn´t give up on that concept that easy. Hm, o.k.,we´ll see… :slight_smile:


This stuff is beautiful. I love the light and color. The perspective is not perfect, but the composition more than makes up for that. Great work.


I actually don’t know how to comment on your work without gushing at you. This is just mind-blowing Torsten. Seriously. Your first sketch, and this last one, are the two strongest concepts I have seen so far - across both categories. Awesome.


Nice torsten! Strong work! I think there is a fight between focuses. the Character and the Ship in the sky, my guess would be Axis Nader. Keep it coming!:thumbsup:


Great momentum:scream:


ehiii you’ve done an incredible work with this double focus !


much respect. these all look fantastic. i am about half way through the book… only got it yesterday and havent been able to put it down. i am still undecided whether i will actually do this one. Are you using phtoshop or painter?


Yet another awesome piece! I feel the perspective will be very hard to tackle in this last one. but I still stick to the first one as a fave! I just love the colours. But I suppose in this last one you will be able to go crazy on detailing the structure. :thumbsup:


[QUOTE=artvandeley]Torsten Wolber is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Concept Art: AxisNader
[/Very powerful, Torsten! Looking forward to seeing more.]


again this looks just as good,i’m already picturing the final outcome of this,lovely angles and i can tell that the details are gonna be mind boggling:Dkeep it coming mate