Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber




man this is too freakin good! one concept after the other is just captivating! i just love the perspective depth man! :eek:

keep em comin dude!

cheers!:beer: n good luck to ya mate! :thumbsup:


Hi, Torsten - Good to see you back in another challenge. Great sketches so far. I really like the fish-eye lens perspective onb the characters in this lateolors too. I know you’re still just exploring, but good to see you working on it. Cheers!



I like both sketchs, it is true the second one is not so dramatic, but it is very effective anyway… i am waiting to see more, good luck


I really like your style. Do you use square brushes? Do you use opacity jitter or size jitter? Great work, second is great, but I love the first concept.


Wow! I really like the dramatic angle you’ve chosen. I really love your indication of forms as well. Keep it up!


Great sketches, your colour pallette is good, the compositions are interesting and there is drama there too. But best of all you seem have managed to ‘nail’ the enviromental details which are described in the book, the scene in the 7th chamber seems spot on to me - the small scale of the people with the truck set against the epic cylindrical landscape captures the surrealness of the scene in the book. Great work lookforward to your next post!


It would be a sin to miss ur thread. Great start already and there is still such a long path till the end. good luck and give us another masterpiece :slight_smile:


great composition mate! love the widescreen optics it has, gives instantly a great feel for huge dimensions! keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock:


both of them looks awesome but if i have to choose one~i’d go for the 7th chamber.good job mate~love the color choice and the angles


You know when you’re trying to explain something to someone but you can’t find the words. Well I found the picture. The scene might not be working for you yet but it’s a great starting point.

It is definately making me think about mine alot more. I’m still struggling on my concept and what focus i want to pin down but you are definately on the right track. :thumbsup:


Cool, the last one amaze me. The color palette, the camera position… great mood. I know, maybe its only your warm up but I love it.:thumbsup:


I love the latest concept. Simply fantastic.
Can’t wait to see updates. :bounce:


Woooow, so many replies!!! Thanks a lot!! Really aprecciate it:)
On the other hand far too many to answer right now, got to work today,sorry!
(yeah, i know it´s sunday, don´t rub it in :rolleyes:)

At least i found some time to doodle along a bit…


Yet another concept. Patricia learned about THE DEATH in the Library and still is shocked about it.

I still think that the first concept of the 7th chamber is the strongest by far until now, but ,hey, no need rush here, there is yet time, isn´t it?

Oh, finally got my copy yesterday. Yesss!


wow, love the concept! its absolutely awesome! pure eyecandy, no lesser!


Nice concept, but the attention is focused more on the library rather than on the feelings of the characters.
Good luck!


this is … :eek:

this is … :eek:

this is … :eek:

im dumbfounded! love the reflections and the whole ‘situation’ u captured there! :applause:
excellante mate!

cheers! n good luck! :thumbsup:


Agree a bit with ukitel,but whoooaaaa, what a nice and great sketch Vandeley!!!
Really love it!


Way to sketch em! Excellent colors. I know you’re probably still working on this last piece, but something to keep in mind is the pose of the characters here. Since our focus is on them, then perhaps you can vary the poses a little so that we have some contrast in action.

Good luck man!


Hmm I don’t really agree, I think it does show Patricia’s feeling and Lanier’s comforting gesture really well as described in that particular part of the book which I think people who read it will recognize immediatly.

Not exactly the most exciting part of the story, but you executed it wonderfully.
The sketch is gorgous, especially the lighting coming from the window and the curtains that dance in the wind. Top stuff!