Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Wooo! congratulations man ! excellent work



Congrats for the first prize!well-done!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Big congrats from here, my friend :thumbsup: Your piece was by far my favorite!!


[left]Yup - I was afraid of this pic :stuck_out_tongue: Well deserved award, and as I said before - simply fantastic use of color.
[left]Congratulations and see ya next time ;]


Congrats, Mr Wolber! That’s one mighty fine illustration - well deserved 1st :thumbsup:


wonderfull piece of work. trully a science fiction novel piece! :):):slight_smile: Congratulations! A well deserved award!



congratulations, torsten.
i liked your first widescreen versions more :slight_smile: but this one rocks too.
i love your style and colours.
only the folds on the trousers look a bit stiff and chaotic, but who cares.
great cover illu!!!


Congratulations on a wonderful job!

Enjoy your well-deserved win!:thumbsup:


Wow… you guys really make me blush right up to the ears.
I know this sounds kinda lame, but this definitely came upon me unexpectedly.

I´m lost for words right now, still i honestly want to thank everybody for the kind support during the contest. Sniff.
Not exactly a speech of thanks right now :smiley: , but tomorrow i will have a clearer mind. Hopefully.

Thanks a million!!:bounce:


Congratulations, Torsten! Great job… Enjoy your new toys!! :slight_smile:


Big congratulations Torsten! Im so happy the main prize came into right hands :slight_smile: And even bigger joy was watching ur great entry became what it is. A free tutorial from a master :slight_smile: I hope I’ll see u in next challenges as well!


Hi Buddy!!!All my congratz on a o so deserved 1st place man!!!It was a huge pleasure to see you work and to be there with you!!!One more huge BIG UP Torsten!!!:buttrock:


Oh Torsten, any of your sketches could have probably taken that prize. To actually finish the dang piece was overkill, he he. :applause:

Enjoy the new computer. Maybe I’ll see you around next time.


Congratulations, Torsten. Another great piece and a well-deserved honor. Watch out: Keep this up and they won’t let you play any more, they’ll just make you a judge! :wink:



just wanted to say congratz on a great peice. see ya next time


Congratulations on a fantastic win with a fantastic piece of art!



Congratulations! It’s a beautiful image and a well-deserved win


Congratulations on your 1st place Torsten :slight_smile:
I didn’t even know you did take part in this challenge.
Hmm this long neck alien looks a bit like you hehehe :wink:


Jeez your piece is awesome, I love the height that axis nader apears at…its Gigantic!!..good on you mate and a hearty congratz to on a superb piece of sci-fi art!.



Thanks again everyone. You guys can´t imagine how i appreciate your congratulations, ecspecially of those who probably deserve the price more than i do .

Squibbit, your post was the first i had in my email. “Win”? I won something??Ohmygodohmy…god. No need for caffeine anymore on this morning…

nwiz, thanks buddy. I´m must say that i´m absolutely impressed by your kind support and your helpfulness is one of a kind. I see no reason whatsoever why you shouldn´t be the winner next time. Take care, bro.

notpill. thanks buddy.

Manzierei, yeah, as if you knew :smiley: No, seriously, thanks a bunch, and no, i won´t forget that you knew all the time. Just don´t forget yourself that people don´t like smartasses :smiley:

Brian, hehe, Scherzkeks. Thanks again for your support on the finishing ilne.

musi, thank you, especially for dropping by the last weeks.

Erich, too bad you couldn´t make it this time but thanks a lot anyway.

Demitisuri , thanks bro. I like yours a lot too. Keep it up.

bouboul, haha thx, I don´t know about the next challenge though. Is this even legal :rolleyes:

Neubius and gG, thanks, very much appreciated.

Martin, your favourite? It was? Well, wow, thank you :slight_smile:

Omen, yeah, i was afraid of yours too. Guess that makes it even :stuck_out_tongue: Big congratulations again for your fantastic pic. i´m sure they had a hard time with us hehe.

James MK, thanks, from 2d to 3d.Yours is great too.

crazybread, thanks mate.

MFTitus. Thanks for your comment, very much appreciated. Particularly because i think your are in a way right about not being the strongest version i made in this contest. Still i ´m glad to stick with my decision to sacrify a better picture for a better concept wich more fits the mood of what i was up for. Dankeschoen und lieben Gruss.

Thaldir, thx. I still think your Patricia is the best of all participants.

JeffZugale, thanks mate. Sure, i will enjoy the new toy as soon as i figure out how to put OS X on a Windows-Workstation :stuck_out_tongue: This just shows how much i expected to win, Jup, very very smart.

Hey, Ninja, Thanks for dropping me a line. Yours was the coolest by far!!

Omer, same to you. Thanks for the insight into your highly profesional way to work. Very impressive.

Chuck,hehe, “dang piece” really nails it . The last days my only thought about it was: Why? Why?..

Mike, thanks buddy. But like i said, you and your little family won already.
Hehe, well, actually i will be a judge this summer in a Photoshop-Contest. This will be fun. Btw, i´ll be hanging around the bay area either May or September . Mind for a coffee?

PBCastle and Marky Thanks a lot to you both.

MDavid, i looove your approach, buddy. That´s the spirit, man!! Way to go.

Harld, hey, i gained weight since the last time we met :smiley: Lieben Gruß nach Österreich und bis bald im DAF

Light Sovereign, thanks. Still i have to say i love your stuff. See you around, mate.