Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


yeah that’ll do…time for one of these now :buttrock: and a :applause:



What is striking me in your pic is fantastic use of colours. You really mastered them… one of my favorite entries in whole contest - hopefully one of the winners :]

Good luck and see you next chelenge :smiley:


you been flying to the stone brought it back home for sure! congrats on this wonderfull piece, striking fantastic and so damn lovely. best of luck on the final :slight_smile:


Hey ich bin blei,“glad” you made it man!
Congratz on finishing :beer:
Amazing stunning piece Torsten!One of my fav’s!!!
:beer: again!


Wonderful finish, Torsten! :love:

Congratulations! Very nice job you did on it!


I left a message in your CGtalk message box, don’t forget to check it out!


came out great Torsten :slight_smile:

good luck !


This piece is one of my favorite in this competition for sure! Im so glad u went for a classic illustration book cover as u said. And I love the way u build ur images, how u use colors and everything. I hope this painting will be noticed by the judges! I wush u good luck and congratulations once again for finishing this great pic!


Congrats on finishing!This is a masterpiece.VERY GOOD ILLUSTRATION! This is one of the best images I v seen.You have also an impressive gallery.


Great to seen you have found time in the very end to finish this, Torsten. Wonderful image - as always! Best regards…



congrats on the win, nice pic


WE HAVE A WINNER!!:bounce: :scream:


TRULY VERY WELL DESERVED!!:applause::applause:




UUPS…what the…spitsouthismorningcoffee


congrats man!
really well deserved:applause:


Don’t forget that I foresaw it!:thumbsup:


no surprises here :thumbsup::applause:


Yey! Congratulations, you deserved it!


big congratz, you killer :slight_smile:


Congratulations. :applause: Awesome work and well deserved place. :thumbsup:


Excellent, no surprise, wonderful work = winner , congrats buddy :thumbsup: :applause:
I hope to see you on the next challenge ! :scream: