Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Yeah, if some piece really has catched the EON, is has to be this one.

Absolutely superb, champ :thumbsup:


You guys are far too kind. sniff
Will answer you tomorrow between detailing the charakters.



he,he nice to be by your side on the final run,ha,ha.
Can’t wait to see the character details tommorow!!
Totally kick ass image!!!
Good luck and good night :wink:


Looking fantastic mate, way to go! you’re almost there and now paint the hell ouda your machine!!! see ya on the finishingline ^^ go go go!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Compliments, mate! Your entry stays already in the EON Hall of Fame!
Keep away the countdown thought and let us dream with your last creative burst!

GO!GO!GO!..and thanks for this unforgettable painting :applause:


O.K., tomorrow i´ll look after those colors and contrasts again and do some final clean-ups.
Yeah, coming closer…hehe.


iced eyes, thanks, fixed that . Looks better now i guess. Well, hopefully…

Sasha, haha, ja, tell me about it. Thanks for the encouragement. Helps a lot:)

Hey, Daniel, thanks for dropping by. You are more than welcome to search . Need every help i can get since looking at an image over 10 hours or so litteraly makes you blind for almost everything.

Nazirull,well, er… thanks. I don´t know about “winner” but surely appreciate your opinion…haha. Actually working on this gave me so much ideas of others and BETTER pictures i could have made, i really feel bad about the fact i hadn´t time to get a decent vision to work on. Well, anyway, shoulda woulda coulda- but didn´t.

Martin, thanks pal.

Okmer, haha, yup. Likewise, mate. Keep on running.
Go go go!doing a lame cheerleeder move

Hey Sasha, thanks for dropping by, while you have a bunch of work to do yourself.
Good luck, you´re doing great.

Manzieri, hehe, thanks a bunch. Naw. i´m used to deadlines. i´ll pass whatever is ready. Hope you will enjoy the final image as much as you do now.


Marvelous piece! u always amaze me with ur great painting style, almost traditional but yet so digital :slight_smile: could u show us some close ups please? Im always wondering how these pieces look at close range. Definetely one of my favorite images in this challenge! good luck :slight_smile:


Colors are really nice!!! I am curious to see the finished product!:smiley:


Excelent perspective, one of my favorite images in this competition :slight_smile:


i simply adore ur colour combination man! :eek: :scream::buttrock: looking very vibrant! :eek:

cheers!!:beer: & good luck ma friend! :thumbsup:


You’ve got a new fan, artvandeley! :slight_smile:

I’m not able to detect defects in this EON rendering, probably the best choice among all the concept art you proposed from your cylinder hat! I like the color choice and the grandiosity of the composition. I’m sure Mr. Bear will not remain insensible to your artwork.

For a while, I risked to miss the bright atmosphere surrounding the Challenge. It was a hectic month, with many deadlines converging on January therefore I’m so happy I was able to warp time for joining you guys on the arrival line!:thumbsup:


Haha, thank you all. That really helps a lot.:slight_smile:
Manzieri, tell me about it, hehe. If the CG-people weren´t so kind to extend te deadline i would have ended up doing silly doodles for this Challenge. If any at all. Thanks!

O.K., the sun is shining, i´m going to run some errands. Any major flaws ?


I would suggest enlarging your characters, it will fit the image better. But still, this is the best of all! Envy your color choice. Post the final!


Oh, if the deadline didn’t change, I would have been out. For sure!:wise:

Well, I saw you added some last-minute characters in the scene, close to the vehicle and maybe to show its scale. I think there is so much for the eye to enjoy in this image that I would leave them home!:slight_smile:

The illustration seems epic to me with the presence in the majestic landscape of Olmy, the Frant, Patricia and Lanier. All the elements (and there are many of them in this image) work already fine together. The size of the main characters is OK for me.

It’s up to you! You are the Creator of Worlds here!


Looking damn good Torsten, only thing I can think to add is just to be careful that you don’t lose the depth with too much detail…and perhaps seperate the voreground background values a bit (just thoughts).


Brian, Lei: Thanks for the helpful input. Works better this way i guess.
Maurizio,hehe, thanks.I think you are right. But since those little guys are hard to read anyway i decided to keep them.


Yeah, some haze might underline the hugeness of the flying … thing. :slight_smile: I absolutley understand, that you won’t like to hide all the nice detail in haze but I guess it would really improve the whole thing a bit.

edit: Man! You’re fast! :smiley:

Hey, and watch the rightmost hovering city thing! The middle axis suggested by the structures below the city do not match the middle axis that is suggested by the city buildings. Looks a bit bended. Should be a quick fix!

Und nun drücke ich Dir die Daumen! Viel Erfolg bei den Bewertungen!


When i was a child i loved reading Science-Fiction-Novels ( as a matter of fact i still do :slight_smile: ) and spend hours watching the front covers, dreaming myself into those strange and foreign worlds.
Because of that i was often somewhat disappointed to find out that the image has little to no connection to the book. So rather than doing a fancy movieposter i decided to go for a classic book cover, more in the tradition of stars like Tim Hildebrandt and others.
A classic book cover for a classic novel.

Patricia is the main Character in this scene. Torn between her old life in her back and the couriosity of this strange future on her right she hesitates to step over the line, the axis which divides her world .
Now it all depends on the two things she still can rely on: her knowledge and her faith.


Stunning! What a great image!