Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tomasz Jedruszek


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Latest Update: Final Image: Turn the Page


that suppose to be my main entry to this challenge , now it seems to be very last.since the trailer is already finished and 3dmodel is 50% done.
However this concept was in my mind since the beginning ,so I just could lost it.
I though if my “kambir” art was used as a reference to “alexandria” chamber it would be nice to make it in proper way .
My intention is to make it symbolic ,dynamic …and simply beautyfull - that’s what this girl is for -her job in here is to put some fresh beauty to scene.


ahh ,I forgot to explain the title : turn the Page - I mean since the Stone arrived ,whole humanity is entering to new age of understandig and hope , so it is like starting completly new chapter… yup , I hope it does any sense.

here’s main composition scetch. but…


… i know it suppose to be a movie stuff. So even this is landscape , my main goal is to compose it so it could be use vertical -portrait -a DVD cover for example


value scetch. as I said Im going to do almost the same thing as in “kambir” image -so it will be very bright lighthing in background and contrasted foreground but defenatelly that black - I would to show her face this time. maybe I’ll think about different daytime- with cooler colors…


a quick render , just to check the perspective and FOV , and beyond all - PROPORTIONS!


just want to check this “kambir” color pallete…well , I think it would be better this time , expand this color sheme a little ,is to monochromatic now


something like this…


very dificult angle and perspective…uff


ok ,before i went to deep in details i need work on whole composition …or colors … anyways something 's wrong around here. but first lets take a short break.


Oh, Tomasz, this is lovely work!
You are quite a painter - you work quick, and it looks wonderful! :love:
I love the composition, and I don’t really see anything wrong with it… I can’t say anything about painting aspect of it - I am a 3D person…
I think you have captures the EON spirit in your work, and I hope you will finish it (there are only 6 days to the deadline).

Good luck!


Wow - you work fast, Tomasz. Great stuff. If I had a small crit, and this may be very personal, Patricia (is that Patricia?) looks a bit…zombie-like? The hard shadows and contrasts make her face look very gaunt. If that’s the look you were going for, pay no attention to me! Great work anyway.


yep the angle is tricky i deal with the same wicked perspective type . if all gets too complicated, make a quick 3 pt grid. tell ya thats a lifesaver, takes less thank 5 mins in any vector application, and once thats done its so much easier :slight_smile:
i think the previous values on the background worked better, juged from the dimensions (30 km diameter, 50km long) the far side of the chamber should look probably like an aerial pic, low contrasts.
as for patricia, the book sais, looks very young and fragile, maybe you could give her a slight bit more teenage like features in her face, softer curves, if that makes sense. love yur foreground works, best of luck on your final run mate :smiley: rock on!


to @ll: Thanks for response and critique , I really appreciate since I know how busy you guys must be struggling with Your own challeges (not necessary EON)

TheFIrstAngel: Yeah , I know. But viewing this forum Ive seen so many fragile and teenage-looking Patricia’s version… I feel like I need something different here. Ofcourse it is not yet finished so in final her face would be more polished and smoothed , but still Id like to make her “a woman” rather than " girl" like. Besides , as I said it is symbolic -so it doesn’t need to be so obvious she is Patricia, she can be anyone … a EON book reader ? reading Bear’s book and haveing her imgagination picture of the world shown in background, something more that way.

PMD: If You expected more anime-look ,well sorry Im not Berquist or Sokolova -I LOVE ZOMBIE-LIKE GIRLS :buttrock:

Thanks for crits , and I do always pay attention to people who had honored me and reply to my posts. As i said to TheFirstAngel I will smooth that scetch more in next stage so don’t worry she won’t be that ugly :slight_smile:

musi: That’s very interesting thing - I saw many 3D people who can perform AMAZING models and renders while they have problems to draw or paint . But I guess there is truly something like 2D or 3D way of thinking, since I’ve been supprised many times when render my scenes - 3Dmax seems to know better what he is doing rather follow my orders - but I won;t give up that easy :smiley:

BTW- do You know some good source to learn Maya -as quick and effective as possible, a book ,a web page or DVD ? This App seems to deal better with 2 milion polys than 3Dmax and i already decided to switch on Maya ,but I don’t know where to start.


almost there… Im struggling now with this light. I have another version with brighther light but then it covers most of background - need more tweaking with layes I guess


hey tomasz really like what you’re doing with this piece!:buttrock:
I like the warm gold tones mixed with cool blue tones from the one you turned it at 10:53 on the 24th. I think you captured a better depth of field and patricia looked a bit better, her jaw-line seems to pronounced in your latest render. Just my opinion though:D
btw for learning maya: digital-tutors.com was really helpful and i know the Gnomon workshop has a few good tutorials as well.


Dude, I think all you have left to do is finish up the character - that is, if you’re not finished already! She looks less detailed than a lot of the things around her, is why I say that. The rest of this looks great, I love the view angle. Sweet!


ok , almost ready. I need few hours more to check the values (in greyscale mode) , global lightning, texturing and colors palette. The final version shouldn’t be that much different than this one.


Great bookcover!
Lovely image! Good luck to ya…



looks amazing… no crits