Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


Your sketches are great, again. We want to see another prize winning piece from you,there is no need for luck but i wish enough time to finish the piece for you.

Hoca biraz kasda kafasını kopar şu işin mevzuu zaten tam senlik. Pek zorlanacağını zannetmiyorum. Bi kaç uykusuz geceyi de feda et artık. :slight_smile:


composition test…


what is going to go in the foreground? I like the texture of this one and I like that you are very abstract with the shapes. Waiting to see what you do next.


It looks alive, exellent stuff
Keep up with good work


striking. rox bad ass as expected, looking great! keep on rocking mate! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Detailed painting on station…


composition tests…


I love the mood of this one more waiting for more updates!:thumbsup:


Thanks for all replies…:beer:


conceptual art


composition tests2




freakin awesome stuff!


love love love it!





man you ROCK!!!unbeliveable work but please dont change your mind keep on working on it. sure you ll get the title this time maybe i am too excited but you ll get a rank for sure keep on dude:P


road part 1


road part 1


WOW!!!:scream: Amazing detailed stuff…what can i say what dreams are made of! I really like the dark versions you worked on with the clouds and rain, i think this is the winner for me. It sets the mood right for that chamber. Keep up the brilliant work!! :thumbsup:



wow this is very good!, i like “road part 1” very neat and clean, but with a lot of details great! my kind of thing, you are making it really hard for all of us mortals .


harika yau! as already expected:thumbsup:


I also like “darker” version, with rain, then this one. I think that background is to empty, and somehow it looks like it’ s from Earth.
Keep up good work