Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


LOL, you can beat him! Nathan must crumble! LOL, Jk. Nice update dude good luck!:thumbsup:


Difficult to see where you are heading Tolga there…But nice shapes and concept.
I really liked your mushroom’s tough!!!


holy cow! :eek: this is awesome! :eek:
the way u did the rain ( if im not mistaken ) is just too cool! :eek: :bounce:

cant wait to c da details buddy! u rock! :bounce:

cheers! :beer: n good luck to u! :thumbsup:


WOW… somebody came out guns blazin!

Beautiful work bro :buttrock:. Im not really feelin your last sketch as much as your earlier ones… but its still outstanding. The composition test one is rock solid in my eyes. - J


i really enjoy seeing your sketches for sure you know what your doing. I like the composition and abstract style but I agree with someothers though that the other sketches were better.
(Is that a tsunami tidal wave in the background?:thumbsup:)


Thanks for all comments… you got the rain right but these things you called is not tsuami they are clouds…:arteest::arteest:it is hard to think everthing from the beginning:beer:


sketches and bulding types concepts


i’m in love with your sketches :eek: awesome design…
keep up :buttrock:


latest sketch


top notch as usual. love the design and rendering style you have. always did :slight_smile: both new sketches are kick ass cool. keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock:


…nice style. I like the colors. Kepp going :slight_smile:


That is a great concept of a building. I like the paper texture also.


great as always. i really love your style and designs.
can’t wait to see more :bounce:


Hey Tolga gungor i love the latest sketch…i see your illustrating each section of main sketch in high detail…:eek: i can see you set your eyes on your idea and i can imagine the end results it will be brilliant!! :thumbsup: I don’t know if i stand a chance now.:shrug: Btw what program do you use is it Photoshop or painter!! Cheers mate!!:slight_smile: D


The station sketch is…incredible!
Looking forward for updates,


Hello Tolga… how wonderfull to find you on this one, and be absolutly stunned with your inspiring and fantastic work… I wish you the best of luck.


awesome mate,lots of concept every now and then~u have a very good composition sense and the way u design the elements are awesome!:thumbsup:keep it coming


Hello Tolga,

Your latest sketch has caught my eye. Nice to see your work again! Good luck!


sensational concept! … :eek: … as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

u rock totally! :buttrock:

wishing u da best of luck! :thumbsup:


:applause: Great concept sketches Tolgahan

Very inspiring - looking forward to the next instalment :bounce: