Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


Cool design man, top work sofar! All my best for the next steps:thumbsup:


excellent conceptual work mate !

looking forward to more !


Really love the concept of the structure, is the top dome part going to glass or ahve some sort of transparency? Keep up the awesome work


station sketches


Dude, you have the talent of the great artists:applause: ( of course, you owe me 500 bucks for the compliment:p :stuck_out_tongue: )

Go for it, you´ll do a cool image!








[center]damn … this is simply brilliant! … very vast and vivid imagination!

cheers n good luck!




Yop Tolga, really nice conceptdesign!!!Great


Wow this is so awesome, I have nothing to add. I really hope this gets incorporated into your final piece. Great sketch.


Fresh stuff Tolga. Great design…


impressive concept art

will keep watching


composition tests…


wow~!! :eek: great works! great progress!

i really love your style :thumbsup:


Great compo test Tolga!!!
Maybe opening up the canvas a bit to the right and putting in another mushroom more in the foreground could be cool!!

Anyway,you are just trying ofcourse, I know.
Really great sketches, again!!!

Keep m coming mate!!!:thumbsup:


sweet deal dude, keep it coming!:thumbsup:


Great progress Tolgahan, I love the design and the mood :bounce:

Nothing more to add, I`m looking forward to see more of your awesome working process :thumbsup:


promissing test, but missing your usual “unbelievable deep” a bit yet :slight_smile: since this is only a test i’ll be waiting for the next update. awesome detailing as always, keep on rocking!


That wil be a very nice comp!You chose a very good chromatic atmosphere!:thumbsup:


Hi Tolga,

As seen on your sketches you will finish it successfully I guess. Also as I’ve seen on your old works the sketcehes and their coming to the end are all in mystery and watching where they are coming is really great for me.So this one will be like the others for me. Keep working greatly and have fun .
Hurry hurry! ( I can’t wait to see the end because I’ll go to my military service on December as you know how it is for us.)
Good luck at the end of the challenge.


You have joined the elite ranks of astoundingly detailed city designers made up
Prabanth,Nathaniel,Nemko .Good work there.


This is my new sketch…I have changed my all concept because it was looking just like nathien west…