Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


ok …
so you will work on it …
sorry … for question …


As per usual, you can’t seem to hide your insane amounts of raw talent… the sketch looks amazing already. Looking forward to step two.


stunning work !



Great work… Very atmospherical, will you use 3d graphic in this image? I thik you use black color more than needed…
Good Luck…


prize is yours man… very nice composition/color treatment .
after this challange give me some tips on coloring …
waiting for ur reply .
very nice …once again .

best of luck .


Good luck!Amazing composition!:thumbsup:


Great Start I just read a 100 pages todayof the book and your scene feels like it belongs in the book.


thanks for all comments…First I didnt use 3d models on the sketches…But I will use in next steps…


Wooh, great epic feeling in those sketches,great start!!!
Curious about the rest,ha,ha!
Good luck and all the fun to you!:bounce:


One thing I’m sure of, this thread will give a kick to our imagination. Great colours and and first sketch!:thumbsup:


this my last sketches…


6th chamber? looking great mate, loved always how you work with light, and the sketch looks awesome :slight_smile: keep o rocking! :beer::buttrock:


This is brilliant, you really know how to lead the eye around a work. Can’t wait to watch the development of this piece!


looking realy good, will visit later on too.


Another grat concept, cant wait to see more!


:eek: woooooooow! Another amazing concept ! :thumbsup:


Wow! i love this concept man. cool


Hi there! cool concepts you have here. I always like the way you apply the brushstrokes and I´m sure you´ll do a great job. Good luck to you!:scream:


thanks for all comments… :arteest:now I am just trying to settle the idea in my mind… then I work on details:beer::arteest:


Hi T,

thats a very interesting conept , I’m gald you decided to stick with this one. It’s already interesting because it looks like it will have a few levels and a ton of areas to play around with details. Best of luck.