Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


It looks like you are incorporating some photo elements into this as well. It looks solid right now. Something is disturbing me right now, it looks like the horizon is raised a bit to the right of the canvas behind that structure next to those trees. I am sure that you are planning something, but that is a concern that I have and I though I would take the opportunity to question your motives. Still a great image so far!:thumbsup:


Im looking at your progress from the biggining or the challenge and its better and better…

I maybe have only one crit about the building on the left, it looks too fragile on the base… like it will fall off just in a second :eek:

Great work so far :bounce:


wow! I like very much your composition.
Looks very classic to me.

god luck!


super fine details! :eek: lot of work has gone into this! :eek: n it certainly paid off big time! :bounce: :applause:

waiting for the final draw! :bounce:

good luck to u! :thumbsup:


I love what you did in your landscape! Is the bridge somehow inspired by the one that sepparates the two part of Istanbul?:slight_smile: Now, seriously, I like your landscape and atmospherics very much. Good luck and meet ya at the next CGChallenges!


EON ZOOLAND](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?threadid=415554)


HI Tolga!!
Nezezerrenne(or something like that…)Went to Turkey last year and if my memory is ok, this means hello or something like that…
Anyèway, really love your work from the beginning!Very inspiring.
One little note would be that your pic is really busy, which is great but personnaly I think it might need a tiny little bit more depth.
But I know you’re working on it.
Absolutly great image!




color tests


3rd, the greenish touch gives the anyways nicely surrealistc atmospher a great mystical touch, the cyan works against the red, the green accents give it a great additional touch.
for me 3rd works best :slight_smile:




Coloring for a cold sky


Rain tests


Rain tests2


Hey Tol,wonderful work here.I love the architecture a lot.Hope you win.



i like the previous rain test better… the last image looks too desaturated in my opinion… keep it up…


Super duper work :thumbsup:

I really like the rain. It gives the scene the final touch for sure. Rain test 1 is my favorite.

Go, champ!


coloring and rain


totally love it Tolga!!!The midground dark values seems just a little bit the same as the foreground dark values!!I love the atmosphere!!!


Still lovely, I agree with Okmer about the foreground and middleground. Nothing impossible to fix. Good luck with finishing. Its been a while seeing you finish an entry since Grand Space Opera.:thumbsup:


final composition…