Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


You are right… Now its more space to breath… :slight_smile: have a good fly:)


:eek: i must say, awesome details! :eek: the colour combination rocks totally! :buttrock:

cheers mate! :beer:


great line like a light saber in the air :slight_smile:


thank you very much…Its getting better than the previous version ( larger composition ) …
Now I am drawing the far city…


Very dynamic and atmospheric too. Looks military and civilian all the same. 3 words: I like it. & another 2: Good luck!


Hey, you have a real talent, i really like you style and concepts.
Everything looks nice, keep on working.

Good luck.


very nice veri veri gut.


I like the selection of colors. I cant wait to see the completed version with the city far behind. Good luck.


general composition…And atmosphere tests


general composition…


Hi, your image is looking really nice. Love the color palette of the last update.:thumbsup:


Thanks for your comment :):buttrock::beer::arteest:


Wow the image looks great now :thumbsup:

Will you show a little more of the suspended structure on the top right? It lloks verry interesting.


I like very much your color palette and the perspective of the massive structure.
Looks like a very old ruins of Alexandria?


wow~ very nice painting~and very nice scene~keep it up~And good luck ~:bounce::bounce:


wow~This very nice !great work!!:bounce: :thumbsup:


Cant wait to see the next update. TolgaHan’s work is always gr8


your every post close to you a new cgchocie dude:thumbsup:


Hey Tolgahan,I dig your pieces.Wish you would submit them all.Anyway,the one thing I enjoy the most is the spontaneuos brushwork.

All the best to you.



Has always, your draw are amazing, i love your style and i hope you’ll finish at time. Want to see a final picture. Good luck!! :thumbsup: