Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


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Amazing topic and amazing story…This time I am goign to end my piece…right on time…
good luck everybody…Its going to be tough challenge


yep looking forward what you’re cooking up on this mate :slight_smile: great to see you joined this too, best of luck and have lots of fun :):scream: :buttrock: :beer:


great to see u here tolga:)may the force be with ya.good luck mate:thumbsup:


glad you here =) cant wait to see with what you come up with…but as you said, make sure its here by the deadline, we got tons of time now! =O


good to see you Tolga, başarılar


We all know you don’t need it, but… GOOD LUCK!
Wanna see your worlds… :wink:


thanks for all comments :slight_smile: :beer::arteest:


You know your GSO entry reminds me of this book in some ways…

Can’t wait to see what you do for this challenge


Stop lying your not going to finish!:stuck_out_tongue: I am interested to see what you come up with! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Haha, I didn’t realise you didn’t finish on time before. You had some great designs tho, gl.


Hi Tolgan, I`m looking forward to see your awesome images :bounce:

Good luck and have alot of fun :thumbsup:


this time beloow this time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


good luck Tolga :thumbsup:


This is my first eon sketch…


Nice sense of scale and colors!


Nice conceptual drawing here,The shiny thing,it is explosion or something else?
Im guessing it’s explosion :slight_smile:



low detailed concept design


wow! love the explosion! r u gonna use 3d? …2d? composition ??

good luck man! waiting to c more :slight_smile:


Hi tolga,

what a nice concept you have got there! Which chamber of the Stone is that? I like monochromatic images, I hope you will keep that look!