Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


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Latest Update: Final Image: It’s final, final, final!!!


Staking a spot, right now…
Given the level of the competiotion it will definitely be a though one, but it’s absolutely intriguing. Can’t wait to see everybody’s entries!

Good luck, all and let’s have fun!

runs to read


To me any story is first and foremost about people and how they act in (and react to) their environment.
Here is a very basic concept for Patricia and Garry on the platform of the fourth chamber.


It’s looking good!
The woman’s hand bothers me a little because it falls in line with the railing and confuses things a little. Try lifting the hand slightly?
Good luck!


You are absolutely right. :slight_smile:

In fact I’ve been thinking of changing her pose (at least slightly) in the definitive drawing. I hope youìll like that one too (it won’t be long in coming).

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time of commenting.


Not a problem hun.
I’m looking forward to the next version. :smiley:


very interesting concept! wanna c where this goes … :bounce:

cheers n good luck for da challenge! :thumbsup:


Thank you!

Hopefully the definitive drawing will be done by the week-end. :slight_smile:


Nice concept, good way to put the characters in. I almost feel like I want patricia glancing over her shoulder, it almost seems that she is detached as it is now. Good luck in the contest :slight_smile:


Thank you!

In fact that is the feeling I was going for, This is the first day of Patricia in the stone and she is ‘getting stoned’ as mr. Bear puts it: angry, perplexed and shocked all in one, and as I read it she tends to detach herself from her sorroundings when she is thinking hard about something…

I had considered having her interact with Garry (or the viewer) more, but somewhat this way feels more in character to me (although it can be altered slightly in the final drawing).

Best of luck to you too, hope to see you here again. :slight_smile:


Here is a more in-depth study of Patricia Vasquez, what do you think?


Checking perspective and composition. I sort of like the mix of familarity and alieness human characters and ‘crazy’ perspective give to the whole.
I think I’m going with it.


very nice indeed! :stuck_out_tongue: … those light rays and the radial distortion really takes the cake!

teamed up with the characters in the foreground … very cool!

good luck dude! :thumbsup:


That’s looking great!
I love the twisted persepective…
there is something wrong with Patricia’s arm though, perhaps her shoulder’s aren’t sloping enough? It looks almost like she’s shrugging…


Thank you Neville and Bronwen, really glad you like!

Yes, looking at her after a while I had posted, that arm was bothering me too. This evening it will be back to the drawing board with miss Vasquez :slight_smile:

…Stay tuned…


Like this Patricia more, still trying to get the right combination of olive skin and white light.


Ciao Tiziano,

You’ve created a very intriguing image so far- rather surreal. A problem I can point out at this stage is that the background and characters seem rather separate, almost as if they’re on different planes. Maybe try and overlap things a bit more…have things touching people and try and introduce more perspective/scale?
Keep going!


Ciao, Theresa!

First of all,thank you. :slight_smile:
May I ask a favour from you? I haven’t quite understood your meaning (must be my poor English, beg your pardon), could you clarify a bit, please?

In my idea the characters are on the train-stop platform of the fourth chamber, as such overlooking the landscape but not really part of it, they are indeed on a different plane. This being just a scketch probably they look more separate that they will be later on, but yet…


…Corrected her eyes…


Yay! That one is much better! Awesome.
I really like the way this composition draws the eyes now. You aren’t quite as settled on Patricia. As for skin tones, perhaps take a look at some classical paintings of Latin Americans or Mediterraen people and experiment?