Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tibor Bedats


nice peice :slight_smile: i like the clouds and sun rays! very nice! good luck with the final rendering!

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congrats on a early and kewl finish, kick ass job as usual :slight_smile: best of luck in the final then and now off to make sure i’ll meet ya there ^^


Thanks a lot friends, I am really happy that you like it. :slight_smile:


Hi Tibor!so, you have finished your image. Very original, I like it! good luck with this challenge!!:thumbsup:


Awsome work, I think your technique and concept are great, and have the power needed to be a favorite for the judges.

good luck!and have a hapy 2007.




Very very interesting, good drawing, green is good…it represent the mistery…very nice. You are a very possibile winner, especially that u’re very close to the scenary.

Just a note…if could give some texture to the bulidings…glass, steel…smth like this…it will have more weight. :wink: good luck!


Awesome work, nothing to add, just great :applause:


excellent work!
good luck!


good sense of enviroment and this is my favorite work in this challenge.
sorry for my terrible eng


Whoo,Tibor, congratulations for your finish,great job and excellent atmosphere!!!
I agree a bit with ginushi for maybe putting in some more variated textures.also personally i find that the rock to the left with the bleu lights in it makes it a bit difficult to read the forme of the first giant mushroom in front of us.
Good luck!:beer:


Looks very good!Nice touch of colors and composition! Good luck!


Beautiful work, congrats on your finish. I really like how it looks organic and high tech at the same time and the roads have almost a hand arm tree branch kind of feel to them Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot guys:) I glad you like it, it seems that you like it much than me.:thumbsup:


Ah the final image looks absolutely fantastic :applause:

Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


Hi Tibor! Its a bit late but I hope u dont mind :slight_smile: U did a great image, so much dynamics and great details that catch the viewers eye. So congratulations on finishing this piece and I wish u good luck with the judging! Hope to see u in next challenges as well buddy :slight_smile:


Hey Tibi! Sorry for being late, your image looks just awesome. Love the dynamics of the curves and brushes. I think you made pretty nice step forward with this piece :thumbsup: Good luck and keep progressing.

Musim povedat, ze ikonka vo finalnej listine ma zaujala na prvy pohlad. Mas velke sance byt medzi finalistami, aspon co sa mojho nazoru tyka.


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