Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tibor Bedats


hi there! I love the structure of ur city! But I noticed that a previous version is sharpened a bit? I must say that it works so much better… so I guess in the latest image there should be also more highlights, sharp edges and so on. I think u also covered too much liht parts from the previous version. Bring more contrasts back. Cant wait to see more :slight_smile:


wow looking good


NinjaA55N: Thanks, yes I now, I have bit messy in my updates, but it will sharpen, it makes structures more visible as you said.
Thanks again friends:) Now I have some free days, then I try to finish it. Will see in 2007, hehe:)
:beer:HAPPY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR CGtalkers:wavey:


hey, you got a lot of going on there… pretty cool work! maybe refine the middle area a bit, there’s a bit too much going on when it comes to those road things. Maybe put some of them clearly into shadows. And try to keep your edges clean, you’re gonna have hard time cleaning all that up now. Anyway good luck, have fun!


Nice work friend! I hope you can finish it! I am wating the next step! Cheers


maybe sharpen up some more a bit indeed and bring in some other colors to contrast a bit with the rest but i really love the atmosphere!
Hope you can finish it!


Its looking good at the moment. like it alot. Hope to see refinements later on. Cheers.


hey dude! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

 cheers! :beer:

> i totally agree with Remko ( okmer ) the atmosphere rocks big time!:scream: i specially like the colour combination! waitin to c more :slight_smile:


I loved the way you project the moods, really awesome looking piece. Good to all of us!! weeee


start cleaning shapes


more from progress


more clean shapes and add planet surface like background


Add clouds and up border,which make composition closer, and now is in final coloring phase


add new ships,as composition element.
And again soften shapes


more details


colour transform


add some small details (highlights, some textures, lights, etc.) and this is finishing of my image


last update, final image. It´s done.
I am so happy that´s it finished, because now I must work on many school works.
I am not sure about name of it, it should be scene of last living days in Thistledow. Population moving to Axis City, and Thistle down is ready to be shut off. Maybe I called it, only Thistledown, or Thistledown day D :slight_smile:
(what do you think guys, how should I called it?)

Also I need HELP, please if anybody know any good FTP send software to download. Please tell me, I need it, to post upload final.

AND ANOTHER BIG THANKS TO CGtalk TEAM and Greg BEAR for this great challenge!!!


Gongratulations on finishing! :thumbsup:

I specially like that upper right portion of this picture. Where is that ship and sky.

FTP program i have used for previous challenges is CUTE FTP … its free as if i recall it to personal stuff.


hey dude! wishing u n ur family a very happy new year! :bounce:

congratulations on finishing mate! amazing details n colour!

as for the FTP software … how about bulletproof ftp?? u can get it at www.download.com

good luck dude! cheers! :beer: