Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tibor Bedats


more from progress


use PS effect to reduce form




add many random textures, kind of underpaintning


adding new forms




thinking about weather


more progress


laest now, with starting ading details and cleaning form and shapes.


That is great! Keep it up. The lines work very well in this perspective.


Very cool atmosphere Tibor. The minor detail is really making the image come alive. Love the choice in color. Looking forward to your updates.


Hey Tibor! Progressing great I see :thumbsup: Love the mood and color scheme. Will you bring some of the life forms in it? Keep going!
Tiez sa ti zda, ze tato sutaz sa taha dost odlisne ako predosle? Mozno to bude tym, ze upravili pravidla a kategorie…


I quote above: great perspective, details, contrast, and color scheme !
the concept 02 was great also, with that saturated red/blue tones…

Keep’em coming!


Gorgeous work, Tibor. i like how you moved those two huge buildings furhter apart so that we can see the plasma tube in the gap between them. Wonderful stuff!



This is powerful, beautiful stuff. The city in your illustration is more densely constructed than I imagined it from the book, but I would not suggest changing anything because I love how awesome and fascinating and almost intimidating that makes it look - and that definitely fits with the impression I got from the book. Wonderful work, Tibor. If you could manage to capture some of the curvature of the walls/ceiling and vast distance to the ceiling then you could have a winner here. Good luck


Hey rawwad

stunning!. those complex curves for the different highways? i pressume are pure eye candy, the strong greens leave a nice ethereal feel about this piece…

i have to say though my favourite of all the progressive images is the mid step with the more bulbous structures up the back and the gentle clouds with the light shining through… I like the feel of these structures being closer together in the composition…hhmm i guess i fell more drawn in to this universe, i think they leave more of an impression…(HAHA i just read walrus’s opinion, serves me for coming in late)

your poste prior to the latest has more aqua blue, and i thinks its because you have a lighter colour for the buildings, more light to me seems more effective…

owell those are just my ramblings :).

its comming along nicely

great work and thanks for dropping by my neck of the woods…



Fantastic. You’ve nailed those golf tee’s!

I must admit I prefer the colour treatment in #47, but really they’re all fantastic.




Thanks a lot guys! I glad you like it.
I should write more to your comments, but still have no much free time for this challenge.
But I hope that I finish it in time and in quality as I want.


Really really impressive !
Outstanding work !
Waiting for your next one.


Superb, one of the best.:thumbsup: Hope you finish in time.