Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tibor Bedats


Your concepts are stunningly impressive I love the richness of detail and depth just in the crude concept stages. I can’t wait to see you progress this one along!


I like the last concept Tibor! Waiting to see some more concepts buddy!:thumbsup:


[QUOTE=rawwad]Tibor Bedats is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Concept Art: Thistledown concept 02

[Stunning piece!]


These are all looking fantastic, rawwad! The colors and the upper buildigns in this latest post especially so. And now that you’ve got the main judge for the Challenge posting to say he likes it, i guess you have no choice to choose this latest one!
Good luck!



Wonderful concepts, I particularly like your Thistledown concept 02 the most, the colours plus the architecture and the composition work together well.:thumbsup: Good luck.



this is amazing work mate ! wonderful concepts and very dynamic !

am keeping an eye on this thread closely

keep going !


Mr. Tibor!! ( where´s grievous?? hehe ) it´s coming along GREAT!!I love this city design!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot guys! Especially thanks Greg Bear, as said Michael I haven´t choice.
Yes I think that I really go with this one, will see what next is in my mind, hehe.:slight_smile:


now THAT looks more like the cities the book was talkin about. I esp like the smooth mirrored structures as the megas, Real fresh take on them. Nice Work.


This is really awesome work so far, I can’t wait to see where this goes! Really looking forward to more updates on this concept, it’s looking great :smiley:


Excellent visualization.


this is truely a very interesting illustration, starting from the compostiting and ending with your extrodinary style, I’m impressed truely :thumbsup:
all the est from me, I’l lkeep an eye on you and try to give some usseful replays :slight_smile:


Nice concept, should look good if your concepts are anything to go by!!!


Hello dear Rawwad

Outstanding artwork as usual. I love your concepts and realizations… Keep up the great work mate and best of luck to you :thumbsup:


Great concept man… surely more futuristic than the one Greg Bear describes in his book… which is a good thing since he describes 2005 as the future, while for us its the present…


wow the last one looks great! Good luck :thumbsup:


Side by Side comparisons So that you know who is doing

what in the illustration category of the eon challenge only.

Classifier followed by artists.

: Strong/Beautiful Foreground Potraits with EON elements in the background.

Movie Posters theme.

Characters in dramatic poses.

Characters have detailed skin,muscle and skeletal structures.

Very Detailed Vehicle showed prominently together with characters.

Damir G. Martin

Niels-Ullé Walther

Mathias Verhasselt(Forum Leader)

Tan Guang Yu

Simon Bull

Michael See(Based on Sacha Word Of Mouth)

Justin Kellis

Da Feng

Giuliano Brocani

Roderic Rodriguez

Marek Okon

Edward Cicka

Tuan Nguyen

Linda Luksic(Based on Sacha Word Of Mouth)

Linda Smith

William Leafe

Raffy Encarnacion Dermawan

Marco Alejandro Castelan Morales

John Streider

Radu Bogdan Boeru

Tiberius Viris

Sacha angel diener

Niklas Frostgard

Michael van den bosch

sandra bott

michael dashow

nabil hamadi

alwyn talbot

timur kiryashov

damir g martin

Nathan L Bachelder

Daniel lu visi

Maurizio Manzieri

dale thomas

ego lataire

rune rask

guo jian

hugo araujo

: massive architectures,detailed cityscapes,plasma tubes,huge eon elements viewed in the distance in the style of grand space opera with miniscule,faceless,diminutive men ,women and all terrain machines reacting and responding to the environment.Archictectural elements include buildings,pylons,aqueducts,railways station,arches and airports as well as roads.

Tibor Beďatš

Michael Merrill

Michael Krenzin


James Nelms

mihai liviu

nabil hamadi

Bjorn Norberg

Tian Yanbing

David Wolstenholme

Ales Marcik

Renee Bailey

Krystian Polak

Jean-Sébastien Guillemette

Tuan Nguyen

Jesse Speak

Timur Kiryashov

Mark Goldsworthy

Roman Bernhard Eppstein

Raffy Encarnacion Dermawan

Tiberius Virius

remko troost

tolgahan gungor

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constantinos krystallis

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adrian fekete


marcin j. nikiforuk

james nelms

maurizio manzieri

jarek sznytzer

Derek wilson

Nazirull Safry Paijo

Daniel justin bird

dale thomas

erik linden

rune rask

david freeman

ori arad

markus graf

ali jalali

raffy encarnacion

alex kelly

jennifer Kathleen Phillips

: air ,sea atmosperics featuring natural elements of islands,skies blend into a grand sense of scale.Includes Tree elements.Gaia oriented.Mountain views and Spectacular chamber vistas. Sky atmospherics.Rivers curve and bend and disappear in the distance.

Thomas Ingham

Tan Guang Yu

Ric Brehm

lei huang

adrian baluta

gonzalo golpe

gunilla elam

jonathan colvin

guo jian

oscar jostedt

brian Slayton

yann tisseron

yaroslav kravchenko

dusten s. sonnon

: party scene with the character interacting and gossiping

Parties gathered at gate opening

Radu Bogdan Boeru


Phillip Buchanan

: wonderful sense of humor even black humor and caricature

Torsten Wolber

per trystad

mark david

: action packed conflict with eon elements in the backdrop and lots of machines,ships,cities and soldiers.battlefield atmospherics

Andrzej Rudz

thierry schiel

paul hume

: entire cities,planetary bodies,asteroids,weather systems,gates,singularities,flawships and space vehicles in awe inspiring perspectives with large scale explosions.Ships have beautiful designs.Space/Aerospace Atmospherics.The Focus is on Flight.Very Detailed Flight Vehicle showed prominently with characters dressed for flight.

Mona Eriksson

Emil Petrinic

Bjorn Norberg

Will Brown

Michael Burburan

Phillip Buchanan

Dmitri G Michniouk

Mark Alford

sacha angel

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matt benya

Derek Wilson

blaz porenta

oscar jostedt

pavel elagin

yann tisseron

blaz porenta

: detailed explanatory tutorials

sacha angel

matt benya


Really nice composition and organic shapes! I really like the colors you picked as well…

Good luck!


Here is line art of definitly composition,
scene of Thistledown leaving.


coloring composition with based on sketch down.