Eon (Illustration) Entry: Thierry Schiel


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Hi everybody!

Loved that book so I got to be in on this one, with whatever time I will find to do it. Good luck to you all! Let the fun begin. See ya:bounce:


Oh yes !!! So great to see you’re in this one too !

Have a great great time Thierry … and my best wishes to you !

cheers ,



Da Man…

Chop, chop and be lucky…:bounce:


yay you’re in too! weeeeeeeeeeee :scream:
looking forward to this, have great fun and rock it! :beer::buttrock:


Hi Thierry! Please tell me you’re doing 2D! I love your 2D stuff… best of luck howver you enter though, I’m sure it will be fantastic!


Hey Thierry, its great to see you in the challenge, good luck! This one should be fun.

Matt :slight_smile:


Sup theirry! Good luck dude! I am interested to see what you do!:thumbsup:



Ahem I mean… it’s great to see you in here again Thierry


Hey thierry, great to see you again, it will be great to see what you’ll going on this time ! wish you good luck and fun :wink:


Good to see you again and best of luck. :slight_smile:


Welcome in Buddy, have a nice time, good luck and see u around!


hiya mate! nice to see ya, have fun :smiley: best of luck!


Hey Thierry:wavey:

Nice to meet you in another challenge! Best of luck for you!:slight_smile:



came by and wish u luck mate~all the best to ya:thumbsup:


Good luck man :wink:
I think you will make a good image again …


Thierry! Glad to see you, already any good ideas? :slight_smile:


No not again …
I think i must to read th book first but the subject is very interesting :slight_smile:
Edit : oops i think i reply to a question not for me :shrug: sorry


Hi Thierry… always great to see you here in these challenge… we have much to learn of your art :thumbsup:

of course, best wishes for you… and have much fun :slight_smile:

and don’t forget… the champagne is always ready in the fridge :bounce:


Hi all again!

Zapan, thanks Steph! Let’s rock and roll.

Hi Mona, finally we’re on the same part of the challenge, hehe! Good to see you again, chop chop!

Sacha, thanks man, good luck to you too!

Hey Sam, good to see you again in here! Yes, it will be 2D this time, I might mix a tiny bit of 3D here and there, as it’s allowed now on this one…

Hi Matt, I’ll enjoy it, I love the subject, have fun too!

Thanks Beelow! enjoy it too!

Daddymack, hehe man, glad to see you in! have fun!

SweD, thank mate, good luck and fun for you too!

ArtisticVisions, cheers mate

Climax, thanx, very same for you too!

hhssuu, thanks a lot, hope to see you in too very soon!

Hi Sabrina, good to see you again, all my best for your entry!

MichaelZHsee, thanks mate, same for you, hope you’ll have fun!

Hi Nicolas, thanks a lot, enjoy the ride on your side too!

Hi Gunilla, very good to see you here once more! It’ll be a great time, no doubt! Glad to be in again with all you folks as companions.

Hi Laurent, thanks for your words my friend! Time has unfortunately not been on my side for this champagne meeting, I hope soon it will be:) thanks and hope to see you in with your thread any moment now:thumbsup: