Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


Great Thank you alot my friend! I’m really pleased to see my name in ur list “who will die next” haha just joke, really Its great, and i’ll 100% agree with you , you know what i mean…!
Good Luck!


hah 2nd row center XD

dude you rock man. i hope you take home something. you derserve it.


Sacha -

As you will no doubt understand, I haven’t had a lot of time to post congratulations or anything like that on folks threads here like usual. But Talia’s holding the baby right now, so I wanted to take a couple of minutes to drop in and say hi. Congratulations for completing your piece, especially with so many other demands for your time and art going on in the background, outside of the scope of the Challnege. I’m really happy that you were able to push forward with this one and see it through to the end, even if some of it did turn out more speed-painted than you’d intended. (If it’s any consolation, my piece turned out less speed-painted than I’d intended, but that’s pretty typical with my work. Maybe someday I’ll loosen up…! :slight_smile:

But anyhow, way to go, it’s a great looking piece and your hard wok shows. thanks for giving me a high billing on your annual poster. And thanks for your help, advice, draw-overs, and just plain fun chats. See you around soon…

-your purple friend.


I’m holding thumbs for you with the voting!


Congratulations on crossing the finish line. It’s been a wonderful thread ending with a superb, powerful final image. I also admire how much your thoughtful and helpful comments have appeared in other people’s threads. Good luck in the judging.


Hey there! In for a bit late congrats :slight_smile:
As expected this turned out a really beautiful final - I love the coloring. Great work and I’m glad to see you finish in time.
Good luck with the judges:thumbsup:


Hi Sasha, my friend! Im sorry to poping in so late, but I had really a lot of work these days. Congratulations on finishing ur piece in time and successfuly uplouding it :smiley: Im so glad to see it in the final section, hehe. And it is a marvelous image, one of the top 10, so I hopw u’ll be noticed by the judges! good luck and I hope to see u in next challenges as well :slight_smile:


I m glead you v finished the work.VERY IMPRESSIVE ONE!:beer:


WOW! sweet image and fun to just stare at…i also love seeing our names credited at the bottom of the poster…:bounce:

Cheers my friend :slight_smile:


wow dude, I had not seen that poster. Looks nice and collecting all those names must have been a royal PITA!:scream:

rock on dude!


wow, this turned out great! Love the detail.


Heyyy Budddyyyy, didn’t say that yet but I’m extremely honored being on your special thanks mate!!!Just wanted you to know that,ha,ha!!!One more time, ONE GIANT BIG UP to you and your work friend!Big,big,big!!!


Oh well, we move on with heavier portfolios and fight another day. Congrats on a fine piece, see ya around next time.


Yeah. I was very surprised not to see your piece in top 3. But hey, there will be another challenge some day. And we will compete again for sure :slight_smile:


How does it happened that yours is not in top five pictures is beyond my knowledge. I was sure this piece will win something. I guess this challenges are bit of a lottery, so we have to hope for more luck next time aren’t we :]

See you next time buddy - it will be an honour to fight by your side (yes, yes I did watch 300… like twice :P)


Same as Omen!!!:bowdown:

Didn’t see 300 yet, and I hope I will 5 times this weekend :-),but just to say that me too ,was sure you’ll be in the top 3 and me too it will be an enormous honor to fight by your sight again buddy!!!


Hey Sasha! I hoped to see u among the winners but no such luck I guess :confused: and it must be luck, coz this entry was one of the top as well :slight_smile: Cant wait to see u in next challenge, coz I know u’ll be there, hehe… best regards my friend!


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