Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


What more I can say sacha, allready told ya what i think but just to make it official, this is a really wonderfull job, one of my favorites, not just the final image but the thread and the good fellow you were during this journey.

Best regards for you Sacha, you are the one who can save your country cg from the top 10 worst cg. Good luck mate… rest I must…

Edit: just to clarify, the ranking joke is not mean to ofense anyone, is just an internal joke


my eyes hurt badly and i will be back after a little nap to thank you all personally, its been a wonderful time and i am terribly sorry for not having been able to help and answer all friends at the end of this because i was overrun with a clientwork that had yesterday as deadline :frowning: i have finished this as speedpainting and will make a cleaned up version for my portfolio.
i wanna thank you all for your great support and continuos encouragements! you all rock! :bowdown::beer::buttrock: thank you all!!!


Hey Buddy, yestureday night I was waitn’, waitin’ and waitin’ but went to sleep)) and I see you did it! thats Great, Congrats! As I said before your EON challenge is one of the best! I wish you luck in judgement! and I hope angels will help you. Also I want to thank you a lot! you are not only support me with helpfull comments you did tutorials and etc. that is a huge help was done form me! Thank you!

About your Final!
Its not just amazing, not just great, not just perfect its ( I cannot find the word, I think that kind word do not exist haha)…
I think you need the main prize for this few month without sleepin’, is good 3 days sleep!

Ok my friend you are welcome always in any my threads!
Good Luck!

P.S. you won this challenge before it starts hahahaha!






my friend



work of art buddy!


details, colour, expression, story!, composition, diversity! name it! its there!
u da man bro! gods gift to u! pure talent!
i love this piece with all my heart sacha!

u hit rock bottom!
i was really worried about u man

i hope u nail it!

very very expressive and full of life!

u have my vote bro!

i wish u the very best of luck buddy!


god bless u immensly!

rock on!




Yes! Yes! =)
Great work Sacha! Beautiful, amazing! Best of Luck! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Oh, Sacha, this was TOOOOO close!
I am relived! And VERY VERY glad you got your final submitted!!! :bounce:
And you know I love your peace, there would be a lot of tears if it wouldn’t make to the judges!

Great work! :thumbsup: :love:


YAY, wow I can’t say anything about your final that has not been said. I am so happy you finished, I can quit biting my fingernails now and release those teenage gurly fans on Walrus , ha ha . congrats , it is a beautiful work and I have been amazed watching your thread from your very first post all the way to the end. Good luck my friend :slight_smile: hope you get a good sleep and rest those eyes, you are going to need them for the next challenge.:bounce:



you did it…:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


very nice image…besides that i realy liked you to do more details but its still a great job…
the whole thing is well done…nice colors and good composition over all…great to see you worked on men like you did on the girly…

now lets all sing…I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT…


Ah, finally…a last minute upload…you kept us thrilled until the end:scream: !

Now congratulations for finishing this challenge and of course for your final illustration, great work and you’ve been such a good challenger!
Good luck now for the judging!:slight_smile:



Cool image, Sacha! Love the lights, love the paint effects, love the colors. I’m not particullary founded with the hollywoodian aspect, but I can’t mess with the artist’s vision, can I?
Thank you for the good things you said to me and others during this contest and good luck in life, art and everything! :thumbsup:


yay! finished! looks sweet mate!

great big luck to you man,
A :smiley:


cool image my friend never doubt that u will finish on time :scream: really cool mate congrats :beer:


First of all thanks you all so much! now here i am with answering personally what i skipped because i was too tired yesterday :slight_smile:

Reinaldo: yep its been a hell of a rushjob since that comission stole me 3 of my 4 final days i wanted to put into this work. glad you still like the speedpaintfinish :slight_smile:
told you on msn its the greates thing of all to meet great friends like you in here. congrats again on your final too! and bout ranking - no offense at all, if there’s countries where really noone cares about cg and no art is asked that is more concrete than a wallpaperpattern - no gameindustry, ahahahaha come and visit us ^^ top 10? high on that list ^^

cocoKnight: lol, yeah its kind of a candylight work, but i didnt want to create it in a purely almost monochromatic palette - its a rich book so i thought püainting a poster of it should bring in a much as possible of the impressions i had. agree the death’s grontguy left was a bit funny but since i had to rush extremely, i let a few parts as they were in nanner to fix as much as possible of what i was even less satisfied with.

prabath: thanks a lot mate. hope the colorpalette is more ballanced than the typical 80ies kitschful pieces. i’d be upset if it was cryingly overcolored :stuck_out_tongue:

tony: ahahhaha sorry didnt have a pic of you but hint: next comission i have to apint is enchanted forrest - magic egypt. send me a pic of you and your home or i’ll make you simply the gnome as dewish - smoking a big fat shisha in it :wink:

MVDB: thanks a lot old friend

Musi: i am sooo happy you like my final run’s result. well i said it before i will make a clean up pass to bring it to the end it deserves in the next days :slight_smile: so i have a nice portfoliopiece at least and all the work i put in apear in the best possible way and not best possible for the circumstances. thank you so much and i am happy you liked it! hehe, if you got an extratime, i cant wait to see a musi short!

Icedeyes: hehe thanks mate. yup the guy is a bit funny. since the show’s over, he’ll be fixed in the afterparty somewhen in the next days :slight_smile:

Blackhand: THANK YOU mate. its been a great time and i wish i would have had way more time to look around and help, i find it only normal to tell someone what i think while looking at his work and more than all it would be the least you could do for your friends, right? so thanks a lot too old friend and hope to see many many more of your great works soon :slight_smile:

Tolga: congrats again on your bombastic epic piece and your continuos encouragements and reviews. thank you so much for all your help on msn :slight_smile:

Onkmer: ahahaha, yeah i went over my own progress back and forth, and at the end, i just said no matter what it takes, no matter how little sleep i get, i’ll bring it over the line cuz its been way too much work to being done for nada. yeah i tried to finish most of the important details as good as possible in the 1 day left to fix the biggest issues.congrats on your supertight final run too, we must have been side by side fighting the last seconds of the timer ^^ hahaha still dances with onkmer

Zephyri: tonsa thanks my light. what would i do without you. oh my, i am happy i finished it and brought it back home. promissed you. no matter what it takes and with a few sacrifices, been there, done that. wooohoooo! hugs

NinJaA55N: thank you so much old friend. you always been a huge help and not only a kick ass artist but also a longtime really great friend over these happy cgtalk years. thanks for all that!

Art: ahahaa yeah of cousre you were right but the big mess under the logo was even worse than the sketchy logo itself. saved it for a last minute decision and since the blue repeated and connected the lower and upper part fields, i decieded to keep the crappy logo. you created one of my favourite pieces too and its always a huge pleasure to watch your progress, you are one kick ass hell of a painter and of course it wasnt surprising at all you came up with a stack of eyecandy! hau rein ^^

Greatto: hehe told ya i’ll make it and bout pushing buttons 4 times mate, 4 times!!!^^ thanks for all your help mate - you rock!!!

nwiz: rofl, i slept on the last 4 days bout 3-4 hours each and was speedpainting in the rest of the time 18-20 hours to move back to my eon. gained a day. been fixing as much as possible in the last minute run. yup i was sleeping and well deserved^^ thanks again for all you done for me and the comunity. if there truely was a “good soul” in here - thats YOU. not only that ou made one of the most beautiful and breataking pieces, you also kept encouraging everyone and posted so much love around! thank you so much for all of that.

Reinaldo: yeah this on sure i did and god jesus maria and all who are holy, thanks for my poor machine kept doing its part. its been the tightest race i been doing since master and servant and when the ftp upload failed the 3rd time i was jumping around in my rooom making orcish “noooooo”'s and was really at the end of all nerves i had on highvoltage. glad we made it both and lol, mext time trow ernie and bert out earlier ^^

darth reza: done that, i hit it failed hit again got disconnected again done it again and 4th attemp the upload succeeded :smiley: weeeeee!!!

Linda: hahaha weee yep yay erm… well not that speedy not that tricky but still glad made it. that was a bath in my own adrenaline, tell you ^^ last min but its there!

MLRU: thank you so much. glad and i mean that really glad you like the final

Onkmer: bout the painterly feel ^^ ahahaha didnt have much of a choice but will clean this out majorly and still keep painterly whats SUPPOSED to be so not what the timer forced me to let so ^^ thanks anyways, glad you like it!

Gonzalo: ahahaha, yeah more potaoes in the next days and seriously, i looove potaoes! preferly baked with sourcream and a big fat anche de lomo and some enchilladas to it. but they taste extremely great in spanish omlettes as well i can tell ^^

Omen2501: ahahah tell me bout adrenaline. 3 mins 41 secs before it was over the ftp failed the 3rd time. 4th and last must have been in the last second by word ^^ congrats on your lastsecond run too i am so happy you brought it back home as well. see you next one for sure old friend! keep on rocking!

Manzieri: thank you so much for your words - i am simply flattered! all the best to you too and congrats again on your beautiful and wonderful final piece! hell of a premiere and i hope to see more of your work soon and sure see you next challenge!

Greatto: ahahaha yeah i took it you went to meet your pillow. done the same right after i said goodnight to my dearest ^^

neville: what a post on my final!!! oh my god its a poster of love! thank you so much for all your wonderful posts that made me smile again and kept giving me a great feel whenever i seen them! you ROCK!


A great truth:scream: :smiley:


ArsXC: thank you so much!

Musi: ahahaha you wouldnt believe ho much i am relved as well ^^ was undead crumbling in the last secs over that finishing line and crashed bout 3 times when i tried so, must have missed the door ^^ weeeee glad to meet ya here ^^

Ivy: oh ahahaha yeah lol i bet walrus cant wait to have his igluforegarden stuffted with sqeeking scewaming penguinteenies :wink: thank you so much for yur continous upcracking and most often also extremely helpful tips and reviews. its just great to have met you here and - ha. get an msn add me! had a bit of rest and am happy to be back and look back a on hell of a ride with some smashin colisions where i was about do scream countless times “houston we have a problem do you read me! houston we are in deeeeeeeep s…pace” got some rest and hapiness is back :slight_smile: hugs on the final line

Kmest: hehe told ya told ya weeeee ahahaha yeah my gurlies :stuck_out_tongue: thou, yep this time i was really trying to paint good males as well. glad you like em too^^ ahahahah dances with reza too

Sabie: ahahaha yeah its been a stumble over the doorstep after running into the wall next to it 3 times before that ^^ thank you so much and that goes right back to you you done a kickass work and been such a huge help :slight_smile: thanks for that!

Blackhand: thank you so much. hehe, yeah its been a possebilety to play my poster card and i’ll show very very soon (got a 15 pieces run in progress) there’s much else i could do but for this one, the movieposter best worked for me to bring as much as possible back from what the book has done for me - visions, dreams (ahahah lol, yeah even dreamed of eon), and so much to tell. i am happy we done anoter run together and cant wat to do the next one with you :slight_smile:

Neubius: thank you so much. to be honest its still not what i know i can do but the best possible i could have done in the situation i was in. glad you like the come out of the final run. best of luck to you too!!!

tony: ahahaha thanks for your trust. i admit that one was really tight but since i never gave up early, i ran and ran and ran and weeeeeee. glad you like it mate!

and here’s an officail thanks to all who helped me suppoerted me, and kept watching my work and keept encouraging me and all who inspired me painting this piece. you all rock and its been a pleasure and honor to do this with a hell of a crew, great artists, great friends! thank you all you royally rock! best of luck and all the best to you and keep it up - keep on rocking!!! :buttrock::beer::scream:


Ohh, thank you so much Sacha. Very kind of you to include me in your list.


Yahoooo nice poster there sacha, thank you for tak the time to do that, my crappy english doesnt help to say what i wish to but who cares, best regards for you and all challengers…

I wont say keep on toking but… duh!, allready said it.


Great final poster image!
Good luck with the voting process, I really dig your characters and art alot!
Keep it up!



hahah, cool dude:thumbsup:


The final piece is stunning as ever Sacha… I wish you the best of luck with the competition :applause:… Also, take a rest…