Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


Looks fine and I like the style, very competitive entry :slight_smile:


sensational update my friend! :stuck_out_tongue: wat more can i say :cry: i wish i cud say more buddy :cry:

love it! :love:

rock on bro! :buttrock:


Much better, now you´re talking - hehe. Way to go.

Good luck on the finish, will join you tomorrow as well to get this done.


I think mayby the two rectangular name tags draw a little too much attention to themselves, as they seem to not be the intended focal points of the composition.


you turned all pink now Sacha… well, that suits your girls :wink:

naa. I like it … hope you get it ready in time…
you ever heard that one before… haha…

looking forward to the final :bounce:


first of all bit thanks to walrus for his overpaint, its been a huge help while fixing not finished fixing everything but closer to what i hope to get it.
here’s what else i worked at. center scene, wave of destruction ^^ yay knocked it down to monochromatic yellow and destroyed all buildings. now i know how fun the job of a pyrotechnican must be :p.
cityscape- sketched in tons of little buildings. workid in warmer accents into mona’s pink to have a better colorharmony with the center.
cleaned up 50% of the ecges yet, and started set values right.
borehole - started detailing it, its an extralayer so i dont bother with painting around it
nameplates - knocked em down a bit, i think they pop less now.
fixlist: jacket folds not there yet, next pass
necks, need more work - still not satisfying.
olmy - needs his final level rendering - higlights not yet done
buildings - textures not yet painted.
volumetrics. upper part needs more clouds - fog
text - needs light fx and cleanup
post effects - all over glow and flare fx will be last pass
almost there and i think 3 days will be nuf to bring it over the finishing line :slight_smile: if anyone sees stuff that is not in the in my fix list please please feel free to let me know :slight_smile:
hope you like the update - 90°challengefever, and closing panic :argh:


looking good Sacha, go go go


center closeup to show what i made with that scene - next update in an hour or 2 :slight_smile: -


Suirebit: thanks a lot mate, glad you like it :slight_smile:

nwiz25: thanks a lot! how you always make it to make me :blush:! you sure are the good soul of this challenge, tonsa thanks for your continuos encouragements!

artvandeley: move it on mate, go go go!!!

yoff: thanks for the review, i think i fixed that now :slight_smile: thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

makaron: lol, thats only cuz i dad not painted the warmcolorpass yet :stuck_out_tongue: but i take it you like the pink ^^ so i’ll let a few parts like that JUST 4 U :smiley:

Linda: thanks a lot! will do! :wip:

thanks all for the drop by, anyone seeing things i could improve feel free to tell me and thanks all for your c&c yet! Ya ROCK, keep it up!!!


I love your style and I’ve been enjoying your thread for the frequent and stunning updates. This painting deserves to be finished! Absolutely! :slight_smile:


I see you are rushing to sacha, watch out whit the lower part of the characters… mmm Im going back to work, good luck


Wow, those colors! I feel like I can lick your image with my tongue. That’s the true meaning of eyeCANDY :slight_smile: but I’m not so sure if like them colors being so strong…
I see you’re speeddetailing, that’s coming along niceley. I have no doubt that you’ll be there in 3 days.
Nice Death by the way, nice girl :slight_smile: the guys pose is a bit strange though. I’d expect him to have his hands before him instead of behind him, or else in crouching position or sumthin… dunno…


Wow Sacha this is awesome.I downright love it.Almost feels like an alternate Star Wars poster from the 80`s.All the best to you.



great work buddy but something is missing maybe a picture of me :scream:

keep going amigo :thumbsup:


You just keep drawing those gourgeous people…
Very nice image Sacha…

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey Sacha,

Tell me about this “feel like talking to myself” thing :slight_smile: !

I have nothing to add to your to-do list - just keep going! I enjoy watching your workflow and progress, learned a lot from you.

And I love your last updates :love:!!!


a beautiful image… surely it could stand as a book cover… only thing that bugs me is the man screaming in the closeup… he seems like he is breaking his own neck rather than taking cover… on the other hand the woman and child look amazing…


So far you did a wonderful job, Sacha. Can’t wait to see it finalized. I just finished mine and uploaded it, so I want to thank you for your very good advices and encouragements during the long 3 months of eoning. 10x and best luck!:thumbsup:



this was tolga’s suggestion, painted a cloudlayer, just a draftquality yet, to see how it looks like.
please let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Really Good coloring and composition :slight_smile: :arteest::beer: