Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


Fair Dinkum, you gotta be happy now, Sacha!. the latest is the best of the bunch!.:thumbsup:.


… and hopefully you took a day off and went out and had some fun :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see you get to the finish, I am still holding the teenage gurly fans for you , just in case, ha ha


ok, my purple friend made me paint this purple draft, following the walrusian advice i went back to the very beginning of my sketches and tried to get that spirit back.
i gave the characters back their innocence, facing a future like the kids in the candyshop ^^ the fight over axis city’s surface… and olmy for once not that grumpy either :slight_smile:
now this is version4, i know but based on the very beginning, i think i’ll stick with this one finally, its much more simple but basically i have back what i lost during this challenge, the feel for the piece. these are just my quickly colored pencils to see if it would work, now, please let me know what you think :slight_smile:


yo ma man! :eek: this is magnificent work! :eek:
very strong purple tone in all its splendour! :buttrock:

very very fascinating! :bounce:

u rock dude!

good luck to u! :thumbsup:


It is much more simple and looks like the foreground will have some real eye catching stuff. I also think the more emotion the characters can show the better it will be. now get busy :smiley:


This new sketch looksgreat,I like the lay-out.Cool.


LMAO! 1st one aint out yet and you are already thinking of a sequal! you entrapenuer you.


Hey! Don’t go blaming this on me! I’m the one who keeps posting, in all sorts of ways, both direct and not-so-direct, that you should just take one of thse comps - any one of these comps - and actually finish it instead of coming up with still more new comps. You don’t win any prizes for having more finished layouts than anyone else, only for having one completed one! :slight_smile:



Dude, youn should finish this new one, like it more!


Agree, this one is really great (that’s not my ‘purple-addiction’ speaking, honest!) :slight_smile:

Gets down on his knees and begs: would you, please, finish it? please…?


HAHAHAHA, thats a classic (sorry it just tickled my sense of humour).Sascha they are all top notch, trust me. Refine one and you may be suprised…I can see you coming up with a prequel at this rate :P.


Yup, this one is worth to go for.
Emphasis on “go” :thumbsup:


nwiz: thanks mate

Ivy00: thanks a lot linda. thought so as well but sortof stuck with my progress since i put in much work on the previous attemp i’ll post the two now and would like to hear what you think :slight_smile:

SONIC-X: thanks mate

Slav: lol, yeah played with an option, also, if time should get tight i have a backdoor like that.

walrus: ahahaha, ok, i officially appologise for naming you like that, tho, it just was supposed to be funny and its not blaming at all, it was supposed to be meant positively in all meanings, the penciling i did is 1 more option and my saver in case i should run out of time.
100% agree i should bring ANYTHING to an end, but since i am a bit busy with comissioned work i am already looking how i can manage the time left.
from all cgartist i know you are one of those who’s crits i trust on most and you are not just a great talent but also a great friend to me. so… dont be upset bout the purple k? ^^

Aura: thanks mate. will post em both to deciede the next min

Thaldir: ahahaha ok, here’s 2 purple ones, wich you like more?

LightSovereign: muahahaha, and the journey continues, machineflesh revisited, spectablllllhmp part3… eon the return to the corridor? nooooooooooooooooooooooo! ahahah i do NOT intend to let it end that way, no sir ^^ specially since i am about to bring journey to its final as well as some other pieces, but thats another thing wich should bstuff my portfolio with 16 more pieces :slight_smile:

artvandeley: yay, thanks mate. posting both would like to hear oppinions :smiley:

now for a little post, brb ^^


brought back to purple, dark values, the initial colorset version2
this is option1


this is option2 the more simple less huge but essential piece in happiness and enjoyment of facing the miracles of the future.
vote is on, option 1 or 2?


Definitely the first one; More moody and a lot more ‘epic’. Good luck!


I vote for 1, just if I were you I will move patricia to the left and aling her center whit the center of the logo…mmm i made some diagrams of both of your compositions whit some “corrections”

left = option1
center = option1 correction (patricia centered, logo expanded and relocated to rcenter, lanier relocated more to the left)
right top = option2
right botom = option2 correction (upper background expanded, lower background lowered, loco relocated)

mmm I dont know if I am right but thats what I think (I kinda feel like a small riverfish in the ocean hehe writing this).

Hope this help you. btw, I do like most option1 but I like option2’s patricia and mirsky (position but no expression) much more.

nicely done so far mate


Ok… i will vote for option 1 too but i love patricia’s expression on th second one as well as Olmy… Also i like the bright feeling of the second one but i believe the first one is a more complete image…


ok from an emotional perspective here instead of an artistic one

The goal is to tell a story with your image, when I look at both of them…

The first one , I see nuclear destruction, I see so many little stories on the bottom, I see space ships, battles, cities… you name it I see it. It really tells the story to me.

The second one, I see a space ship going over a sci fi type landscape and some people, it really doesn’t tell me a story like the first does.

So I say go with your first one Sacha, it speaks to the viewer and that is what art is all about.


hey buddy! :bounce:

man! this is a very tough choice :cry: but … goin deep with the best …
i wud finally opt for option 1 correction … ( patricia centered ) …:thumbsup::buttrock:

ur ‘first love cried out!’ ( boo hoo hoo :cry: pick me pick me :cry: ):smiley:

thats all to it mate … me really looking forward to ur final work! :eek: :eek:

good luck Sacha! :thumbsup:

god bless ya!