Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


walrus: glad THAT timeline got extended, thou, i worked 3x 18 hours in a row on that and spent a few more hours over this bugger here, a3 300 dpi and full of nasty details :stuck_out_tongue: but slowly getting there now, took today off and started detailing the final level and goin nuts with all those little parts to paint. been not sleeping nuf lately but thats the common challenge syndrome. gotta break a curse ^^

niva: welcome mate. and thanks, dont worry, if my calculations work, 4 or 5 evenings should do for the cleanup and 1-2 for the fxlight and tweaks. and stuff. so i think THIS time, i WILL bring it to an end :slight_smile:

Ivy00: ahahaha defiantely dont envy walrus’ new fanbunch ^^ rofl. i willlllll not overdetail it this time i mustn’t paint it all with a 1 pixel brush… focus focus arrr ^^ ok, hope that works, i will try to keep it painterly in many parts so either way, send em to cali already ^^

walrus again: hehe xactly ^^

Pushav: thanks old friend , missed ya round like so many of the residents, its definately not the same without the whole crew :frowning:

yay, next update in an hour or 2 or so, finishing the lower right corner now as far as possible :slight_smile: back here soon with an update :slight_smile:


some more work in the lower right corner :slight_smile:


fineworks on the portraits started,also tried to bring in more expression to the characters. the curiousity of mirsky, a touch of sadness to patricia, determination to olmy, and same for lanier…
as for the details, added many many to the lower right corner yet, and some more to come - basically tons of detailing ahead, but start getting happy with the way it takes. as i decieded to not overpolish the piece, i’ll try keep much of the painterly feel it has and will try to keep the detailing focussed :slight_smile:
7.35am - time for a lil break and more detailworks after a bit of rest :slight_smile: all c&c most welcome as usual.


Looking good, my friend. Nice detail work on the city. 2 character comments for you:

The Patricia in the lower right, standing in front of Axis City? I could be wrong, but it feels a bit like her legs are too short for her torso.

Secondly - and this is just a matter of personal preference - it feels to me like Mirsky’s face, specifically his jaw, is too rounded. It feels like he has a lot of “baby fat” on his face, and instead of making him look tough, it comes off to me as sulky/pouty, and many years younger than he should be. Maybe a slightly leaner look would make him look a bit older, tougher and more military? (I also think the eyes could be “tougher,” but I can’t put my finger on what isn’t working about them for me. I can put my finger on the roundness of the jaw, but not the eyes, so i guess I’m not being too much help there… let me think about it.)

Anyhow, good luck with the detailing…! :slight_smile:





u da man Sacha!



details galore! lovin each n every one of em!

cheers buddy!


n a rockin new year to u!

god bless!


Happy new year Sacha… I love your image especially the lower part of the composition… Works very well and frames the characters…


mhhh, wird immer besser das bild. kritik chan eigendli kei geh, de mike hätt ja scho alles gseit. mir gfallt immerno de hippiebus am beste. :slight_smile:
hüt haui mal mini scetches ine, scanner hani jetzt. peez sascha!!! du rocksch eifach numä!!!


The updates look excellent :slight_smile: and yes, ha ha keep away from that 1 pixel brush


self explaining post wich actually is - i know - a bit late and i really need your help now.

A: the more calm version, weight on deepspacefeel - seeing the stone from the outside while the russian armada approaches it
B: trow it out, put back the beam over thistledown city’s buildings and downscaled all characters to give em more room and also, 1 single vanishing point chosen in the lower part now (prolly would do that to a as well if you tell me its better.
now please help me to deciede, whats working better?


Hi, for what it’s worth I prefer A.

I like the framing better, the tighter grouping of the people and the colour. It just feels tighter/richer overall. Fantastic work!

…although I do prefer seeing Patricia’s shoulder on B.



or version c: composition b with header sky a?

(thanks for the sugestion Tascha :slight_smile: )

a: original
b: beamskylight new composition
c: new compo with original sky


I like both but if i had to choose, i would go for B…I think the characters show more motion towards the viewer in it and its all because of the space given to them i think… great work…


i still like B better…:stuck_out_tongue:


IIIKSS, now you really make me hesitate,just like you,ha,ha!!!
In some kind a way the upper part of A is more rich indeed, but I find the upper part of B gives a lot of dynamics to the title.BUt maybe that’s also because in B, you’ve got perspective on both sides and in A only on the left side.
So personally for the upper part I’ll take A but with perspective on both sides like B.
And then maybe put the beam in ,but just from the “O” of EON.

For the lower part of the pic personaly I prefer “B”.Indeed her shoulder is more dynamic too, to me.
just my two cents bro!!ha,ha
Keep on rocking mate!master stuff you got there!


didn’t see C yet.I Like C!!!maybe with the perspective on both sides like in B.
And a beam coming from the inside of the “O” of EON.
just an suggestion ofcourse
One more big up!!!


Hey, how did you did you do this to get such a large pic’s in your thread?


well actu ally i like all :slight_smile: the last one C is very Good:) this small light that comes from behinde of her head is so perfect;) I prefer C one is coolest
but i think it will be beter if u will turn to again to right this chamber at bottom-left corner…


I like B, but it kind of cuts the picture in half, maybe some light as in B but not such a hard lined beam, kind of like in A … so maybe a combination of A and B but not as harsh as B?


I like ‘C’.’
The light on the top of ‘B’ is great, and very distinctive of ‘Eon,’ but it makes the logo hard to read. (It would be my favorite if you weren’t using a logo.)
As for the ground, i like seeing the light on it, it ties it together with the light from the round screen and keeps the bottom from being too much of a muddy mess.
Just my 2 cents, translated to your local currency of course.



Yeah it has not been the same (repsonding to your commnet)
I plan on joining the next challenge. I have been busy working on my sketchbook on cgtalk like in my signature and I had to buy another hard drive to store my artwork. Plus all of my art programs was taking up my space along with my old art. 160 GIGS :thumbsup: I am set for a while on the space at least for like 7years lol.

Yeah I like the c composition the best.
Here is a suggestion try turning around that character (the standing guy) that is by the glowing portal in the middle of the picture and give him an evil smile with glowing eyes to add thae evil element like on an epic movie poster.