Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


Wazzup Sacha! good to see you again mate, good luck and have fun dude, rock on! :buttrock:


Hey good luck dood!!! may the force be with you!


Heya Sacha !!

Great to see you in this one too !

Have a lot of fun and best of luck here mate !

cheers ,



yooo sacha !
ill be sure to find you here :smiley:

great great news !! hope you ll have lotsssss of fun in this neW challenge :smiley:

See you soon :smiley:


Hi Sacha, I will keep an eye on your thread :deal: Im sure youll make a great image :scream:

Good luck to you :bounce:


Hi Sacha.

Just dropin’ by to say Hi.
Seeya arround!!


Hi and good luck Sacha! Looking forward to see what you will come up with this time! :slight_smile:


viel glück und de best söll gwünne, was natürlich ich bin^^

good luck:thumbsup:


Time for kittens in space this time :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck… and let the fun party begin… :beer:


The man with the thousand solutions…good luck, and take it slowly…:thumbsup:


Thanks for the welcome, Sacha. If anyone can bring beauty to this challenge in both their art and their personality, it’s you!


Ug - double post! I guess I must really want to welcome you to the challenge!:stuck_out_tongue:


hi sacha ! nice to see you again! I miss your cute cg girl ! :thumbsup::bounce:


hi mate,nice to meet u again.gooooood luuuuuuuck.:bounce:


ahhahaha cheers, good luck sasha :smiley:


The level of quality shown in these challenges is fantastic. I am really looking forward to what you develop!


Hey M8, we’re back…

Let’s finish this thing now. :smiley:

Good luck !


welcome here dude, waiting to see how you do in this kind of topic, I never draw such topic before, it seems interesting to me, cheers. and good luck


adonhis: lol thanks mate i’ll give my best :smiley:

Iridyse: yay thanks a lot, same goes for yours ^^

warpy: rofl, thanks for the pressure, yay ^^

queeny: thankkkkeeeees, u 2 :smiley:

MVDB: same to you mate, cant wait to see ya create another kick ass piece with tonsa sweet characters :slight_smile:

ozzy: looool, why i knew :stuck_out_tongue: errrrm hehe, hope you can motivate yourself soon to paint some awesomeness again bro ^^

el c: yay yay yay thannnnkees. rofl, yep xitment is huge, the crew gathers again to go space! gotta luv that!

Rudy: thx bro! rock em all!

Squirrel :stuck_out_tongue: rofl and with you, trust your instincts!

Zappan: thx a lot u2 mate! weeeeeeeeeeeee

Laeticia: weeeeeeeeee that was clear huh :wink: same for you and have great fun as well! thx a lot :smiley:

Nomad: rofl, i’ll do my best, thx ate!

Airz: hahah hi mate, great to have ya here too!

Gunilla: same for you mitey G! haha lets rock it!

Diego: hahaha nie öppiss anders behaupted :stuck_out_tongue: gliechfalls, und muchos spassos ^^

Mona: haha to go hhunt space gps? lol, hahah have to fight kitty instincts this time, not that spacegurls wouldnt be great fun to do :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck and cheeeeeeeeers

Andy: rofl, i’ll try this time to focus :stuck_out_tongue: you easily get lost in space… rofl best of luck to you too!

JDT: thank you so much bro! rofl, glad that happens even to such a smart butt like you ^^ best of luck to you too old friend!

Monsit: thx, cant wait to see your awesome worx take shape either mate! let it rock!

xric: hi bro, sam to you and great to have you here to!

Calisto: thanx a lot red, good luck to you too!

Hamma Jamma: thanks mate! welcome to the race ^^

Djampa: hey mate! yep the crew^s gathering the fun begins agai! hahaha yep would be nice to make it to the end this time :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck to you too!

Michael 87: yep same here, it will be great fun i am 200% convinced bout that! good luck to you too and enjoy!


Hoi Sasha, of course you will finish this time! Good luck, and I’m really ‘gwundrig’ to see your concept …

roman grin3d.