Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


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weeeee the fun begins agin… lets see if i can escape the curse of unfinished challenges this time :smiley:

best of luck to all!

edit: this is my official thank you! enjoy a halfsize of what i painted :slight_smile: thank you all for a hell of a ride!


Good Luck hun!!


i’ll bust ur a** if u dont finish this one:scream: ~haha ,all the best bro and good luck:thumbsup:


Bring it bro;)

Good to see you pounce on this one mate


Wlecome back Sacha. I hope not to offend you again this time. All the best to you, mate!


Good luck and the best wishes!:scream:


:scream: nah no way, i anyways wont go for elvish bikini gurrls on this one, promise :wink:
best of luck mate :smiley:

Zephyri: hugs this is so exciting, and i am so happy you got a full time this time looking so much forward to this one seing you finish, hehe hopefully both of us :slight_smile: best uf luck m’dear!

MichaelZHsee: rofl, omg thats a start, lol thx love u too bro :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha, yeah i’ll try i’ll try :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck top you too, looking forward to lots of fun!

DaddyMack: thank you so much bro, and i am very happy to have you here too, always loved your kick ass worx! best of luck to you too and rock em all!

ladies and gentlemen! lets rumble!!! :scream::beer::buttrock:


good luck Sacha Angel Diener, looking forward too seing some cool stuff from ya.


Under threat of injury…:smiley:

Best of luck Sacha! I have my spam outfit all good to go. :slight_smile:


Good to see you back, Sacha - hope you’ll have plenty of time for this one! :slight_smile:



Best of Luck Sacha! Thanks for the well-wishes!


cabotinecco: thanks mate, best wishes to you too :slight_smile:

cok3: thanks a lot, i’ll give my best :slight_smile:

Rebeccak: (queen of spam) tic tic 0.4 0.3 0.2 — rofl, hehe still not in? hhahahaha thankees tonsa fun and hope to see you much around!!!

Walrus: thanks bro, glad to see you here too, all my best wishes :smiley: well sigh, hope i can escape my curse this time and finish a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll do my best ^^

OliveBeard: Most welcome mate, wish you much fun and a great time! lets rock!

well bedtime for now, lets start this with doodling with fresher eyes, errr i take it to read the book is next on my list :stuck_out_tongue:


good luck mnan, i expect to see a kick ass piece!!


Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :smiley:


you got 2 weeks sash. make it happen


Goodluck Sacha!


Hey there Sacha, wish you the best of luck! Hope to see some gourgeous work from you again!


Ah mayte, best of lucks with this, I think this time I’ll support all of ye good sports from the bench! >_> not sure if I’m interested in this, never been much a fan of sci fi… perhaps I will read on the book to see if it inspires me to do anything…if it does, then I’d join.


Hey Sacha :smiley: exciting, innit? Best of luck, waiting to see what you come up with taps foot