Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


Just amazing. If only there was more time. It’s a real treat seeing this come together because the structure you’re creating is superb. I love your sense of design. Definitely no crits from me


hey! good luck with detailing, looking pretty nice so far…


hi remko,

very good so far but currently it looks like you focus to much on segments of your image. Concerning the time I would suggest detailing the whole image equally to prevent to loose the overall impression or getting different detailing-levels in the end which might cause are not submitting a final image cause it looks unfinished.

just an impression

good luck for the eon-challenge and of course a succsessful and healthy new year 2007



Sacha:Indeed baby, pixelmania,ha,ha…just love it!!!You too al the luck for the final run, but I know you’ll make it and I love o so much your pic!!!May he rock be woth you mate!:bounce::bounce::bounce:

Hfix: Thx mate,Indeed as I advance on my structure I realise it’s a quit tough job, as we always discover new things inside our work.But I think I’ll make it before the deadline as I love what I’m doing.

Mark: Thank you again for your nice words mate :beer:.I think the time that’s left is limited indeed but i feel i’ll make it this time.

Ranath: thx mate ;-)I’ll need that

Fahrija:Thx mate,you’re right indeed, but I’ll be working on the pic non stop this week and I think I can make it.
And like from above a lot of shadow will fall on the structure I certainly wont do this amount of details all over the structure.Only where light will be hitting the structure in fact.Thank you I’ll need the luck,ha,ha and you too and all of you, I wish you all the love,health and inspiration for 2007!!!


I have to admit, this piece has been one of my favorite from the very beginning. I think the composition and detailing are absolutely stellar. Can’t wait to see the finished product!


holy mama! :eek: everything is popping up from so many places! me gotta love da shadow work too! very very cool! :eek: amazing details bro! u da man!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!:D:scream: we all racin against time!:scream:

hehe … may be Forz b wiz uz broz :stuck_out_tongue: … rock on! :buttrock:


Ohh wow!!I love it when the pressure rises!!ha,ha…
Slowly detailing on and already started a bit of working out my mood & atsmophere in the left upper part of the pic…
C&C very welcome!:beer:
Aribaa,…Aribaaaa!!!pfffffiooooui;;;And gone,getting on…


just awesome, you’d have my vote :slight_smile:


Wow, stunning design Remko. I have no negative crits to offer you, but I love the atmosphere thats starting to show. It shows a lot of depth and makes you focus on the grand size of the structures in your piece. Great work, can’t wait for the update.


hey buddy! :bounce: :bounce: awesome update i must say! i love it i love it! :love: pls pls finito quickly mate! praying for ya! this is gonna be a freakin stunning piece! wooohooooo!

good luck bro! wishing u da very best! :thumbsup:


Just a little more, OKMER, the finishing line is on sight!

Awesome piece : sense of scale, composition, depth…Wish I was more constructive but if you wanted critiques you should have left us something to be critic about…:wink: :thumbsup: .


I think your ability to illustrate form as well as ambiance is amazing. Your one of my favorites in the contest and most inspiring as well.


It’s looking beautiful. I love this kind of work and you do it so extremely well


Now that is turning into something special alright…understandably impatient for the final result ^^.

very good luck to you mate :smiley:



great artwork remko im just reading that we have more time to finish it!! more days of pain and suffering ha ha


Very painterly and good detailing!! I like it!!


Hey Remko,

little by little…but with a great result for the overall picture:) !

I’ve absolutly no crits or suggestions, just patiently waiting for the final steps…your entry is certainly one of my favorites!



Yap well weve got 21 days more left,whooohaaaaa.So great,this will allow us to get seriously into detail all while getting sleep as ordinary people!ha,hahah.

So excited about that!

Well me in the mean time i just keep on detailling,my head calm.Honestly I had a bit enough of metal and so started elsewhere in my pic,back to the roots back to nature!!ha,ha.

Still so much to do, and the lights I brought in for the moment I still don’t like them totaly, but thats the next step,colortiming.Well gotta,go,go on now :beer:


REMKO BRO!! awesome super duper update man! :eek: :drool::arteest: i love it! :love:

today me showed ur entry to ma friends … n they went :buttrock: :applause: :smiley:

waiting for u bro! :thumbsup:

god bless ya! :love:


Beautiful details.

good luck!