Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


I love your lineworks and your pallete…A trully artist. There is alot i can learn from looking at artist like you work. Competition like this gives that opportunity.

Thanks for sharing man!

Be waiting for that Santa pic!


great attention to detail! Cool concept also!

Keep working, good luck!
And merry X-Mas!


hey Bro! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

god bless ya buddy!
cheers! :beer:

> Remko dude! :scream: good to have u back! where were u for so long ?! :cry: me cant wait to c ur latest update man! :eek: hehehe ur last concept was teasing us long enough! :smiley:
good luck my friend! :thumbsup:


Well,most of my outlines are dropped down.In some parts of the pic I worked out the details more then in other parts, but as the outlines wont stay, now i’ve made enough outlines to know where i would like to head to.
Now I’ll start painting over them to get my tones and values back.

But I’m hesitating a bit and would really appreciate your feelings about this please.

Earlier on there was made a point about the size of the human, that didn’t look quit little enough besides the huge feeling of the building, and somehow I agree a bit, but I’m not sure.

So i made a 2nd sketch with Patricia in the foreground, just besides her vehicule, that could be cool also maybe, but i’m really hesitating.
How do you feel about this?

I wish you all a so nice and happy new year to all of you and all the ones you love!!!


Myself, I like the second one with Patricia in it. Gives everything a nice sense of scale and relatability. Just my 2 cents… good luck and happy new year!



definately the second one for me (with patty next to vehicle), more eon in story and you can make the building as large as you wish…the second one for the win…imho :).

love the palette of the sky and clouds.



Whoooa,thank you so very much for your nice comments!!!
Nazirull,Hideyoshi, Neville thx bro!You too all the luck and love for 2007!!

Micheal,Marley, thnks guys!me too, I’m feeling the 2nd a bit better.
Finally with all the work & family i really couldn’t read all the book.
But I arrievd at the part where Ptricia enters in the 2nd room for the 1st time and when she gets out the car a moment to look at this giant buildings.
Liked that part, and finaly in the beginning my piece was more EON-inspired, it still is, but i thought it could be quit close to this moment in the book.
All the luck and love to yall for 2007!


well first i’ll say about image its really great:) i see u changed ur first concept :slight_smile: i love right one its more dramatic and u can see the huge scale of background…:slight_smile: left one bit look like execution :wink:
As i said I wish u a lot of luck and fun in this new year, and of course a lot of health too:)
Happy New Year!


I’m coming in late on this vote but I agree with the others anyway. I really like the second one, with Patricia in the foreground. It makes the distant structure seem that much bigger. I’ll add here that I love your use of colour - it is subtle and restrained but also wonderful and atmospheric


Whooohaaa, I made it till the 3rd phase of the contest,I start coloring,ha,ha,ha.

Not a huge next step, but a little one.
Whooo, this is taking so much time, the coloring and finding my shapes.
Almost 4:30am here,hi,hi.

Finaly I just use 1 layer here that put over my outlines.
Then i just use an hardedged round brush at 30/33% opacity and my colorpicker and paint a bit like traditional oil or acrilic painting.

That means that I start with the darkest colors/zones and bit by bit bring in the lighter colors/zones to pull out my shapes.That’s it for the moment.
I feel like a lot of white nights will come the next 13 days :slight_smile:

Hey, I wish y’all and extraordinary new year filled with loads of love, health and inspiration!:beer:

Greatto,Mark:I agree with you, i do feel the second better too, and thank you so much for your kind words!May ze powa be wizz y’all!


forgot that, for the moment, i don’t really push yet my dark and light values too far as this part of the pic will be quit much exposed to the light.
I’m still very far from pure white or black.
one more time happy new year folks!!!


I’m amazed at the beautiful detail to be found in your work. I could get truly lost in the structure you’re making. I’m loving this image!


yayness wheeeness bounceness and all the nesses that are happy ^^ :scream: REMKO is BACK!!! let it rock mate! insane good closeup, keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::scream: 13 days run ahead, burst your afterburner ^^ happy newyearness!


nice stuff mister!!! love the details… cheers!


Remko buddy! :bounce: :grin: wishing u n ur family a rockin new year! :bounce:

awesome closeup man :eek: freakin cool colours n hi lites! :eek:

cant wait to c the finished piece! :eek:

good luck to u bro! :thumbsup:

god bless ya with all his love n care! :love:


Heya Remko!

So good to see you’re back to your scene after the long break:bounce: ! It’s amazing to discover the details of your image and now I only hope you’ll find the time to finish this…it’s really an outstanding picture and I’m eagerly waiting to discover your next steps!

And happy new year for you too:) !



wow amazing concept and sketches!!! thank you for your comments on my thread this one goes for the winners i think

good luck!!


Yap, well putting in details and so.I try to switch as much as possible between coloring, creating, texturing to keep on variating my work for the maximum of fun.
Now keep on running:grin:


boom baby, make em pop ^^
lol, yeah glad to see you do what i do, tons of detailing and the timer goes tic tic tic…
best of luck on the final run, looking good now burn those pixels and bring it through the finisingline! go go go mate! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


great structure design!! cant wait to see the final render :slight_smile:

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