Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


hey Remko! >:D< :stuck_out_tongue: very interesting concept!

hehehehe… keepin us all in suspense :stuck_out_tongue:

cant wait to c more updates! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheeers buddy! :beer: n good luck as always :stuck_out_tongue: >:D< :thumbsup:


Hey Okmer, I’ve been following your post for a wile now. I want you to know I really dig your concept with the hanging city and all, I also love the two flying dudes with the back pacs, I think it adds belief to this crazy enviroment (if that makes any sense). I will definetely be back and check on your progress. Great job!:buttrock:


maybe , if you will put human little bit closer to camera , and you will save his scale and it will seems not so huge… its just my opinion :slight_smile: Good Luck…


Hey YEAHHHHH, first time I get to the next stage(lineart) in a challenge here!!ha,haaa,YUUUoUUhhh.
Lets go get some beer!!!

Well, i rearranged, cleaned and named all my layers, gave them colors to find them easily and to work my pic confortably out.

And so now I started to pull out my shapes of the floating town.
I do this with a fine 60% hard point pencil and the gum in photoshop.

Did this on a compressed version of my pic.Added an almost white layer above it and put this to 70% to keep the shapes visible behind.

THe outlines will disapear later on as i will start painting.
Yap, just wanted to share my progress with you,he,he.

Still a lot of work on that pic,ha,ha.
Glad we’ve still got almost 3 months.

May the force be with yall!!!CHEERRSS


all i can say is wow!!! :eek: amazing atmosphere and detailing.

keep on dude you have a winner pic here :buttrock:


Hey Remko,

great to see that you’ll follow the concept I liked most:) , good choice and already a solid start with your line art:thumbsup: . I’ll definitely watch your progress with this piece!




Wow! the domentions are espectacular.
I like it very much.


incredible man, lovely deighn work!



great stuff continues to happen :thumbsup:



Hey man, nice to see you’re in as well.

This looks great, don’t have anything constructive to add right now but I look forward in seeing this develope, I’ll be watching subscribing





awesome structures Remko buddy!

u rock totally!


love the green tones man! plays very well with the environment!


dude! wishing u da best man! good luck as always! :thumbsup:




I like you city design.How do you plan to fit in the solar panels ?Also can you elaborate
more on the reddish foreground element.Great work . I am almost imagine the
superlative detail after 3 months.


looking excellent mate. you have done soo much already! like others said very atmospheric


As i see the force is with you mate ! :scream:
I like your last post ! Keep it up ! :thumbsup: I am curious about the evolution of your work man !
( PS : Capitaine PANDA déchire tout ! :love:)


This is exelent concept, can wait to see final drawing


awesome detailing ^^ thought i said that already in case i didnt ya just keep on rocking mate ^^ huge set, awaits tons of detailing wich i look forward to with excitement :smiley: go go go remko :buttrock::beer:


Nice stuff Okmer :thumbsup: Just keep adding to this pic.

I’ll be hanging around in the shadows and look at your technique :slight_smile:


I am waiting to see more Remko. I like where this one is going!:thumbsup:


A notable line of action! I look forward to your next posts!



Whohaa,thank you so much for all your kind comments!!!
really keeps me so motivated,love all the work you’re doing!

But I got a lot of commisions to finish and i’m a bit stucked right now :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
Really would like to go on with this piece!

Think i have to put in some more the giant tube feeling,whatta you think?

Thx again all you mates!!!
May the forzz be wizz you!