Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


That’s a great visualization of a chamber. Good luck.:slight_smile:


wow, amazing atmosphere! u really have something here, i’ll be watching this thread :slight_smile:
good luck!


Yop, I’ve switched the image.
Still searching for where i’ll be heading.

I’d really appreciate your meaning about the switch?
Thx for all your nice comments buddies!
Brings in a lot of positive vibes!!he,he,he :slight_smile:


I actually like this one better.


Yep, this way looks great with the title. Don’t forget about the perspective on those big hanging structures :wink:


I’m going with the new one as well, I feel that it reads better from left to right going back in the perspective, it also brings more attention to the fact that the structure is so large. I also like the way you did the title here :slight_smile: really excellent work, good luck with this.


Yap,ha,ha, totally agree avec toi MV!!!
Merci man!


Yoppa, Thank you very much Ramy buddy!!!
Me too I think I prefer this one,


Okmer, I’m speechless.

Wow O_O


Great image, very impressive… Perfect layer works and color tone :slight_smile: but I think the scale of the human is too big. What do you think?


I totally Agree with you Greatto, but I’m a bit afraid that if i lower down the human scale,he/she won’t be visible anymore at all.

Still gotta find an solution about that.

Because I would like this image to show the totally mad difference between the size of the human and the hanging city just above his head…


Really nice image you have here Remko! Color pallete scale and compo is pretty nifty!:thumbsup:


Wow, awesome image. Looks like something youd see on a book, i love the colors as well =)


Personally I like the scale of the human.

It’s like the planetary-construction-deck on Magrathea in Hitchhiker’s Guide - the book describes it as looking much bigger than infinite because it’s small enough to comprehend just how big it is.

If that makes sense :slight_smile:

Simply identifying the human figure on the mountain is enough to give an impression of enormous scale - the mountain helps a lot as we get a sense of mass beneath the human (love the clouds!) and already in a space where grand and epic scale has been established, the city above seems to be merely the tip of a monumentally massive structure.

Absolutely adore it. Awesome.


I’m diggin your latest. I’m glad you switched back to that layout.


wow, that style gonna grab an award.keep going


I prefer in this way. More natural to read I think. Great picture.


Nice mood and colours, I got a good feeling too for this one! This is a good direction for a nice piece of illustration. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Yop, did a little layout for the kind of solarpanels that are all around the floating town.

They absorbe the energie out of light and heat to be transformed in electricity and other formes of energie needed by this town to float and life.

Not sure I’ll go on with these designs but i had some fun,he,he.

And if they will be on the town, they proberly will almost not recognisable as they are in a shadow part of the pic.

Later friends!


YES ,YES,YES…coool stuff!..the solar panels are very well designed and i love the last draw you did…flipping it was a good move.