Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


cool stuff, sir :thumbsup:



I really like you sketch taht you have here, powerfull image.



wow man…exellent stuff…




hi okmer!

awesome start! great mood and excellent scale/proportions. Could be allready a good way to go or do you want to try some more sketches?

Will be very interesting to watch the detailing. Maybe within the next step the image needs some more 3d depth information to increase the perspective differentiation within the scene.

I would keep the iconic composition you are using here but it might be important to switch the center of interest to the foreground elements.

enough bla bla

good luck dude!



Good start :bounce: Good luck :thumbsup:


Yap, while my break this afternoon had to scribble some more, cant get this thing outta my head,hu,hu.

While waiting my book I inspire myself on the the inspiration chapter here.

Not so much time(gotta eat,they told me,ha,ha) so I just turned and turned around my pic till I find another interesting perspective.

And then these backpack flyers came up to me and so did this speed.

later :wink:


Whooa, thank you so much for your nice comments!!!

FirstAngel:Cancer Tejring?Thank you and you 2, all the luck and fun for you,CHEERS!!!

Icedeyes: Thx Dude!!!You 2,good luck and fun!!!love your avatar!

Dawinky: Thank you 2 very much, love your cat(got a bunch of them myself,hi,hi.Me 2, can’t wait to read the book,aaargh.Think I’m gonna strangle the owner of the library today(ssssst)

Sonic-X. Thx!!!

Adib : Thx 2,ha,ha

Queensoul: Nope,still no book…:frowning: By the way if someone finished it,don’t hesitate to send it to me,ha,ha!)I wanna read EON!!!

Squibbit:Thank you very much sir Uomala!lol

jddog:thx so much

mazalo:thx,thx,thx(lucas is gonna like this,ha,ha)

Fahrija: Thank you so much for your comment,really constructive.Indeed, i really feel like working that one out as well.It’s the first thing that came up 2 me after reading all chapters in the contest.Often the first impression is the closest to what you’ll do best(at least the one you’ll take all the fun)…(sorry for my english)
And indeed I feel like that developping this pic is the one I’ll have most fun with.
But this can always change, like I didn’t really read the book yet.Hope the pic describes well the EON…

bouboule: merci beaucoup man!!!


Cool start Okmer, surely the book will help refine your concept. :thumbsup:


another great sketch :slight_smile: love the light and composition, striking and beautiful! keep it up mate :slight_smile:


I really like you concept art! If this is so great I can’t wait to see your finished work. Good luck to you.


holy moly! spectacular work man! :eek::eek::eek::eek: love it too much! :slight_smile: i agree … very powerful indeed!

cheers! n good luck to ya mate! :stuck_out_tongue: enjoy!



That’s about all I have to say. You’ve really captured a sense of awe and wonder. Amazing! I absolutely LOVE the image of the man on the mountain with the city hanging over his head…



looking good, will visit later on too.


Great concept, verry interesting visually.

One thing, the guy on the right seems to have a lasersabre in his left hand :smiley: it`s the plasma tube on the background which is at the same level as his hand… or he is a Jedi… :smiley:

Great work, I`m looking forward to see your next steps :thumbsup:


Ha,ha thats right Nomad,It was really quit a quicky and so the guy on the right isn’t really well finished and placed there I think also…I’ll kick the jedi out,ha,ha:D


i like the mysterious mood this concept has. cool work


wow, I’m really liking your style.

All your sketches have superb composition.
great stuff , looking forward to updates!


Cool concepts. I´ll be watching to your work:thumbsup:


sweatdrops Wow, this is some really awesome stuff. I feel so far behind now…


Nice concepts man, ill be looking forward for your entry, keep it up!