Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


Hi Greatto :beer:
thank you so much for the nice words!!!:beer:thank you for your support too man!!!It was you who made me change my direction with the tiny little man i had on the mountain in the beginning.And you were totally right!!!:beer:
Tahnks again mate,may ze forzz be wizz you Greatto!:love::bounce::thumbsup:


yayness wee ness and all the nesses i can think of, finally :slight_smile: all i said before and here again, cancer tejring, sacre gamain, lol you made it! hehe! jipppieeeee! best of luck mate!


I think all the superlatives have been mentioned already, just wanted to say congratulations on finishing this piece, That building hovering in the distance has been painted beautifully!, It has this actual model feel about, something like you might see in a movie from the eighties or nineties…Very original work, REMKO :D.

Love it, best of luck to you!.


  • Beelow, thank you buddy, you too i love your work!

  • First angel: hé,hé we made and indeed i think we were side by side uploading it in the end,ha,ha!Indded you sais a lot of funny stuff,jus another one: “ca déchire le slip grave”!!!That one is for the next challenge:D:D:D.
    Love your work too mate!Yabbadabbadooooo:beer:

  • Lightsovereign : thx mate for your nice words.Indeed I wanted the pic to be not too much modern and opted for a more warm eighties look.“I love the eighties”,ha,ha!!!
    And like this stone proebrly quitted the the earth for about 1500 years or so…I thought it shouldn’t be too much modern.ofcourse by keeping the feeling of “elsewhere” in it.Love your work too man!:beer:


A really great work here !
le final est vraiment impressionnant :eek:
impressive sens of depth and colors. Good luck for the judging part, and thanks for your words on my thread ! :wink:


it goes down like chicken noodle! hot and tasty. :slight_smile:


wow, your illustration is just fantastic, I can’t really say anymore than that


Seeing your final image correctly uploaded in the Entries Page made my day! :bounce:
It’s simply terrific! In front of the judges it will have high chances of glory!

Crossing the fingers for you,



Wooo Thx Manzieri for your nice words :beer:

But what I don’t understand is that I still don’t see my final image in the entries page?
When I go there I still just find the detail of the aircrafts and the detail of Patricia on the rocks?
Did you see the hole pic?


YES! I’m glad to say that I see it. It’s there!:beer:

If you click on your image in the list of the Entries section, you’ll be transferred to the new Challenge Page, where there are all your Pics. The top one introducing the page is your final image, in fact if you click again on it finally the treasure hunt will be rewarded.

Yes perhaps there’s a bit of confusion in the secondary pics, but I’m sure that the jury has understood very well which is the real image…:thumbsup:


Here it is!


Are you convinced now? Ehehe…:applause:



Ha,ha Manzieri.Mille grazie amigo!!!:beer:
Indeed I’m convinced now:D
The only thing is, that the thumbs and my thread here still aren’t updated and my final text isn’t there neither.And I thought the final text is really important too,isn’t it?


Well, just to be sure, I would suggest to knock again at the Mibus door. In the FAQ section he says that the jury typically takes 2-4 weeks after the close of the challenge for expressing a virdict, so there’s time…

Being this my first Challenge, I don’t know how is important the final text, or if they look at the global performance…

Another message to the upper floor wouldn’t be a bad idea!:slight_smile:



Really charismatic image, very nice composition and idea.
Very good job, good luck !!!


huh! Im so glad u made it. I just saw and read what kind of problems u had and I must say my blood froze for a moment. And than I went reading all next posts until I found out u r in. Im so happy for u and ur image to come in. Thats one another great painting! yey! I wish u good luck also in the judging part and hope to see u in next challenges as well!


Fantastic image, very powerful. :thumbsup:


Hey buddies!!!I’m really starting to miss you all badly,whooohooo…can’t wait the next challenge!
Ninja, Mark, Targus,manzieri and all the rest, thx for ya kind words, it really touches me a lot!!!
May the love be with you all today and ever!!!
Hope to see yall soon!


Hi, mate! The bump has called me back as a spell!
Yes, what an amazing ride it was!!!

Have you read the last CGSociety Newsletter dated February 10th?
The EON CHALLENGE is winding up, with a great range of entries and we received this testimonial from Greg Bear this week. “I’ve spent the last few weeks watching the entries to the EON Challenge approach their final form. The result for me is pure joy. I feel privileged to have had my novel chosen for a CGSociety Challenge.”
Greg Bear
Exciting, isn’t it? :scream:



congrats on the 4th place dude :slight_smile:


REMKO BRO!! :scream:

congratulations man! u in da winning group! :thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock:

very very happy for ya bro! :love:
waiting patiently for the next challenge so we can all meet once again!:bounce:

god bless ya buddy! take care! :love: