Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


congratulations on being in my friend ^^ :beer::beer::beer: yipppieeee you made it!

oh and thanks mibus!!!


done:D :D:D
cheers!!!to you all!!


Ah ok everything is ok then now???oooh yesss, whoooaa, well now I can let go all the pressure

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  • REmko dancing right now on his desk and having a but!!!ha,aha,ha yesss

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:beer:It was so great to be here!!
All the forzz to you you guys!!


err is it all ok? yes ? yes? yippiiiieeee! dances with Remko :bounce::bounce:


ha,ha thx Sacha!!was great hanging around here with you guys!!


FINALLY!!!:bounce: Now after seen this I can go sleep remko, kickass image since the early stage of development, nobody could say it better, alice’s white rabit hehe…

The force is strong whit your piece mate, good luck whit the judges


I killed the rabbit!!!3 min in the microwave, tremendous!ha,ha

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nan,nan don’t you worry just joking!!!
Thank you guys once more for all of your support and this familything that’s going on here!love it!!!:love:

Now gotta sleep badly!!!:wavey:

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my bro made it!

artistic excellence buddy!

thats wat it is!


mindblowing man! details galore! colour wash extravaganza! hehehehehe


now u can get that long long long sleep that u so rightly deserve!


im so very happy for u Remko dude!

i think me gonna go sob sob …


love ur work to the very last pixel!

u made it buddy!




cheers bro!


oh yes plzzzz!


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[color=deepskyblue]Wow! =) Nice, great work[color=deepskyblue]!!! :thumbsup: :slight_smile: [/color][/color]


He-he, it took me some time to reed all your last adventures with final image, and I am glad you got it in! :bounce:

Grat job, Remko! Wonderful! :love:


Remko, your image is beautiful! A real triumph. Congratulations on a fantastic effort. Maybe I’m just being thick but I am still confused by your submission for the final image.

To finish the challenge you should have done [I]both[/I] of these things:
1 - submit your TIF file via FTP
… and …
2 - submit your final image milestone via the normal submit entry page, just like all your other milestones

You have been listed as having finished but the image shown as your ‘final image’ in your challenge page is only a part detail showing only the lower part of the image.

We all know you finished on time. Perhaps an e-mail to Mibus could make sure that you will be judged on your full piece, rather than just the detail from it.

Because an entry as beautiful as yours is absolutely worth it. I really love your work. It is just superb


wow, fantastic.

i’d say good luck but i don’t think you need it :wink: well done on finishing man. excellent.


Hey thx guys!!!

Nwizzy buddy!!!
yesss, yessss, were all in and it was so great having you by our sides, like i said before, your’e the most motivating buddy in the world baby!!!

Whouaaaa!!!lets dance!!!:beer::beer: cling, cling buddy!!!

Yap, Mark, me too I don’t understand what happened.But Mibus told me everything is ok so I guess we can fix this.

And because of these confusions my story behind the pic isn’t even there too.
I really hope we’ll fix this soon.
I’ll put in the story after, because I just got up after this hell of a ride this night,ha,ha!!!


Well as something went wrong with my jpg yesterday here is my final pic again and the story.I’m glad I made it,it was a hell of a run and I’m glad you all made it.It was one the most great experiences i’ve ever had being here with you all!!1000x thx to yu all for your nice words and support.powa to cgtalk:beer:.

final story:Top of the iceberg(upside down)
Tools : Photoshop
Time : much,ha,ha

Eversince the first time I saw the contest and espacialy the inspiration page I felt this pic inside of me in some kind of way.

I wanted to do the top of an iceberg upside down in some kind of way.
Because this part of the upside down town is just a small part of all that’s above.
I wanted to play on the “wowww, this is huge!!!”

I’ve opted for a very simple composition to try to catch the eye quickly of passants or people seeing it from far.the triangle above and “V” under.
Once the eye is cathed a huge labyrinth of details is hiding behind the first view.

The story is that, Patricia who went true space and the first"quit empty" chamber, did not quit realise yet the "huge WOW “factor of what happened to her”…
Once she gets into the second chamber and slowy turns her head to the “sky” the people in the cinema can start hearing her hart beating stronger…Slowly the camera turns to the “sky” also and the music…something like “Dead can dance” with the song “Yulunga”(spirit dance) slowly takes over the sound of her heart beating…Then suddenly this giant and huge structure that seems endless appears…and Patricia, the same as the people watching the movie in cinema on the other side of the screen goes like : “wowwwww!!! this is huge!!!”

That was the moment i wanted to capture in the pic, I thought this would be a one of the first “wowww” passages in the movie…but I failed putiing in the music in my thread:D:D.
(and the jpg:D)

It really was extremely fun doing it and I loved the “CGfamily” experience, being here with all you guys was a honor and pleasure for me!
Thank you all for your super nice words and support,

may ze forzz be with you all!!!



Hey Remko,

puhhh, another last minute upload…but I really have to say that it was all the time worth you’ve put in it:) !

Congratulations for your amazing scene!:bounce:

I really liked your concept at the first view and it is just great to see what you’ve made of it during the challenge.
Good luck for the judging and now enjoy the “finished!”-feeling!:applause:



Ah! That’s excellent news! One thing I didn’t mention in my last comment is that I love your use of colour. It is subtle but also very powerful. And the beautiful design and detail to be found within your upside-down iceberg structure are just superb. It has been amazing watching this image come to life. Good luck


My favourite entry :applause:

Well done, this looks pretty :thumbsup:

Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


DAwinky: Hi Sasha!Well yes, ha,ha that was a hell of a ride,but the greatest I’ve made.I loved it here.Thank you so much for you being there and your support.:bounce:zze forzzz.Really kept me going!:love:

Mdavid: thank you so much for the nice words during the contest and your support!!!Love your work too.Just went to your site and your cars rock man!!!:beer:

Nomad: Thx for the nice words man :beer:


Hello My dear Friend! Well I was worried about, I have time to visti your eon long time) ( sorry for that) But always when i saw ur progress it like shock! Well I’m really in love with your Eon! great stuff only few entry that i’m in love and of them is yours! Good Luck!


Glad to hear that you finished buddy! Looks really good Remko! Good luck in the judging!:thumbsup: