Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


heyyyyy bro!! where is u man?! waiting to c da final draw :cry: :cry:

pls pls pls … upload buddy!

prayin for ya bro! :cry:


Well, time is ticking,aaarhhh,ha,ha.love the pressure,lol.

Well stil a lot to do,and will be polishing on till the end.Details on structure almost at 99%.
Then still gotta detail on in the lower left part of the pic and some on the background.
Proberly make an open butterfly-door on the car.

Then will be timing out my colors the rest of the day.Play around with some more clouds and mist.And with the layermodes,etc,etc…

Was tight working on it till the finish with the new work that came in.one more white night,ha,ha!!!
Now go,go,go;;;

still 16 more hours to go…

Later friends!!!:slight_smile:


Yappa,Torsten, thx mate!!!Runninggggg:argh: :arteest: :buttrock:

Nwiz!!!:you’re the most motivating man in the world!!!,love ya bro!!!ha,ha!
Your support really keeps me going!:bowdown:


This is very nice!! I’m looking forward to all of the details in the finish! Great job!


Excellent feeling and the text fits great! Nice job :slight_smile:


Just keep on texturing, working on my colorbalances till midnight…run Forest RUN!!!


lookz great mate, for me, you by now a winner! cant wait for the final. go go^^


You are flying on the wave of the inspiration, mate! Your concept is awesome, the quantity of details impressive, and it will be a pleasure to look at your final result… :bowdown:

Go on without distractions! See you in a few hours!


Tools : Photoshop
Time : much,ha,ha

Eversince the first time I saw the contest and espacialy the inspiration page I felt this pic inside of me in some kind of way.

I wanted to do the top of an iceberg upside down in some kind of way.
Because this part of the upside down town is just a small part of all that’s above.
I wanted to play on the “wowww, this is huge!!!”

I’ve opted for a very simple composition to try to catch the eye quickly of passants or people seeing it from far.the triangle above and “V” under.
Once the eye is cathed a huge labyrinth of details is hiding behind the first view.

The story is that, Patricia who went true space and the first"quit empty" chamber, did not quit realise yet the "huge WOW “factor of what happened to her”…
Once she gets into the second chamber and slowy turns her head to the “sky” the people in the cinema can start hearing her hart beating stronger…Slowly the camera turns to the “sky” also and the music…something like “Dead can dance” with the song “Yulunga”(spirit dance) slowly takes over the sound of her heart beating…Then suddenly this giant and huge structure that seems endless appears…and Patricia, the same as the people watching the movie in cinema on the other side of the screen goes like : “wowwwww!!! this is huge!!!”

That was the moment i wanted to capture in the pic, I thought this would be a one of the first “wowww” passages in the movie…but I failed putiing in the music in my thread.
(and the jpg)

It really was extremely fun doing it and I loved the “CGfamily” experience, being here with all you guys was a honor and pleasure for me!
Thank you all for your super nice words and support,

may ze forzz be with you all!!!

==== Update notes:
Whooo, can’t get this rabbit from Alice in Wonderland out of my head!!Showing me his watch!!aaarghhh

Ok lowerpart I’ve pushed the detail level a bit further and there is still the background,which i’ll proberly give a more painterly style not to overload the viewer with details.
Even if I would like to obtain a labyrinth behind the first time you let your eye drop on it.

Then i’ll start cleaning up my layers, separate the different elements in the pic and then start playing on them with opacity, layermodes and fusionmask’s…welll,uihhhhh…gotta go,gotta go…later!
If not,i’ll change in a frog after midnight., so farewell then


Oh no!!!,there’s that rabbit again,…gotta go,gotta,go


Hey,how long does i takes before our final image arrives?because i’m :bounce: !!ha,ha,he,he,I’m so happy I made it and in the final “upload image” page I can see my final image???
How is it,it isn’t refreshed in my thread?:shrug:
Sorry ,could’nt comment a lot these 2 days, drawing,drawing,drawing…ha,ha.
REally was the best ride I’ve ever made!!!I really appriacted the family feeling!!!
So much fun,oooh yessssssssss,ok last copple of beers!:smiley:


Hey!where´s your final image dude?:scream: :bounce:


yap,don’t understand???I’m starting to panic.:sad: the uploading suceeded at 11h20.And i’ve sended it 2 times after before time, just to be sure!I am so happy i made it!

But no pic…

:cry: :cry:

Help me please!!:smiley:

ps.(i got beer!!!)



I remember the final image had to be sent as a JPEG image in THIS thread as well as a TIFF uncompressed image via FTP. Did you do both the submissions? Take note that if everything was regular there was a band overflow in the last hours so your image could appear later…I posted it yesterday and received an email confirmation from CGSociety…

It’s strange anyway that your final JPEG image isn’t here in this thread…? Best, Maurizio.


can i put it here?right now?I did not know that???I sended it in in time…
DO i have to put the jpg in here too?Almost 2 sleepness nightand my pic in 40 min before time,I saw it on the final image upload page!!!
I was so happy!!!Can i put my jpeg in here now,I finished it before time!
:cry: :cry: :cry:


You should say this to moderator cuz I must say… It doesn’t sound good :confused: On tiff upload page was huge message if you didn’t upload last milestone. Still, if you unloaded your image on server before deadline they really shouldn’t cough you on formalities right? So post this final image, even as a attachment cuz I’m quite curious how didi it went :]

Good luck and see you next chelenge :smiley:



I don’t know if it’s a serious thing, but when you uploaded the jpeg here as lineart/model, final composite, etc., there was also a voice saying ‘FINAL IMAGE’. It was referred to the jpeg to be posted in this thread with its final destination the Challenge Page. TIFF image was just another thing. You can read it under IMAGES in the EON Instructions Section.

You should ask into the FAQ section. I suppose you can add the final image inside a last post, but it will not appear in the Challenge page nor at the beginning of the thread because submissions are closed.

Try asking Mibus in the FAQ section…maybe tomorrow they can fix the problem if you have uploaded the image on time…:lightbulb

Good luck for everything. Your image is beautiful.



to me happened the oposite, i had problems to connect to the ftp and upload failed 3 times then when at 50% i read only the tiff and i had my jpg in it…

but what you MUST do is instantly let mibus know. write him a pm and an email - sohe kows and is the gatekeeper, the doormaster and he is the ONE who can let you in. man it would be a freaking tragedy if you wouldn’t get in man!!! do it now please, write mibus!
best of luck my friend! cross fingers!


Oki, here it is…Hey come on,I’m sorry but I’m really in partymood as after almost 2 sleepness nights I had made it 40min before…
And so thats a good reason for a party,ha,ha.
I upload images all day long as i work with my printers.
and never a problem.
Hope we can fix this!!Because i have a lot of beer here,ha,ha!!
I really was a huge experience participating with all you guys here!!!
CAn’t wait the next challenge:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
here it is:

may zzze forzz be wizz you all!


soooo beautiful! Write to Mibus! NOW!:bounce: