Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


Looking good! Given how small she is in the overall pic, I doubt you need any more detail than that at all. Only thing I’d bring up to think about is the head size, which seems a bit ont he small side. She’s about 8 heads tall right now. (But then, I’ve never been too reliable on head size, I like 'em large… Too much animé as a kid or something, scientists have yet to be able to cure me. :wink: )



HI, hey thx so much for all ya si nice comments.You don’t even know how this motivates me badly!
Yap Micheal, you’re right about that one and it’s funny you talk about that, because 2sec before i saved for the web Patricia I resized her head a tiny little bit smaller.Me too I more used with bigger heads and a more cartoon rendering of my characters, but I wanted to try something more realistic this time.But I’ll give it a try anyway later on!..

Well slowly detailling and working my things out.Still so much to do and especialy I really gotta rework much more the colortiming and depth of my pic.
The car is too big too right now,i’ll work that out later on.

While working on my pic, I had a little flash for bringing in a road to increase a bit more the perspectif.But in fact I’m quit hesitating.Which one you prefere?A or B?C&C very welcome!
Cheers mates!!!


A for me.
As I see it, I don’t feel the need for a road, in fact it feels that kind of detail that becomes ‘too much’, definitely better without IMHO.:thumbsup:


Mmmm I say A for sure. I think the road doesnt work well whit your scales, whitout the road the mountain where patricia is looks bigger, also the other montains, whitout the road patricia and the ship get more atention to the corner making the composition better IMHO, maybe is because the road is to bright, mmm and the plane on the bottom right corner looks closer to the spectator, whit the road the scale of that plane is not very good.
That is my humble opinion and why…hope it helps

btw, very nice looking so far mate!:thumbsup:


A for me :slight_smile: keep on rocking! :buttrock::beer::wip:


Haha, you really cracked me up with the frant. Hilarious!

Aside from that this image will be sooo good. And already is of course.Chapeau!

Go for A btw…


Yop,yop(2x yop that is i know)lol

Yap,well indeed i’ve been sitting down a while just observating my pic(it helps, so much things come up if you take your time(I know you aint got much time,but you’ll have to do that while miss is a sleep,ha,ha)
And indeed you’re totally right, the road don’t work out that well.It takes off indeed some depth.I’ll go on with A.

Yap Artvandeley, indeed that Frant almost blown it all up, vired him at time,ha,ha.But I feel he’ll be back for “The revenge of the Frant”…
Ooooh why me,… why did I listen to Joe when he singed to me “Try a little help from my Frant”???:smiley:
Later friends!


I’m glad there was general agreement on choosing option ‘A’. I thought it was the better one too. It’s great to see the updates rolling in. Your work is very beautiful


Yo bro! im in it for - A - :):scream::buttrock:

freakin awesome Remko! its gonna be one helluva ride! :smiley:

have fun! :wink:


Hey really Great!! great!! great!! great!! great!! great!! great!! work



your world don´t need any roads - A of course :slight_smile:



I really like this one. Great work!



Wonderful, just wonderful work! :love:

I wish to see the final in full resolution and in all it’s glory!

For your question, I would say A.

Good luck!


, in my opinion the option B is the one, I think the road give the scene a more realistic composition.




hey Remko!! where are ya man?! :cry: no sign of u … :sad:

hope everythings fine bro …

waiting for u buddy …

take care!

cheers! :beer:


cool concept.IMHO i agree with you about perspactif and i like the road but maybe it should be a litle bit special road.cheears:)


In the B variant things look very earthly after my oppinion. I mean if you manage to create such a fine alien structure in the 2nd plane, the marked street looks so unaccorded. In the A variant things shape well enough to sustain the theme you chose. Anyway, your work looks very good and not far away from finishing. Success!


I’m all for having the road in there, because it makes it more dynamic!! Just maybe make it more visible so your eye can notice it better and gets lead thru the composition. And it will add depth too.


Whoohaa, hey thx guys for all your nice comments!!!Thx 2 for your opinions!!I’ll go for A too.But i’ll try pushing the perspectif a bit further anyway by bringing in some more elements.
HAd a lots of work these last days, but I took off tommorow and wednesday to finish my pic.Nice to be there with you on the last run!May the forzz be wizz you!!!


Yeah, go for it! Definitely one of my three favorites. You´re the best, keep it up!