Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


Just another masterpiece…

Incredible amount of details you put in this piece.


hi mate. fresh detail, great contrast to the technical elements. nice idea^^


Still a nice piece that you have going on here. Are you still going to incorporate characters in this to imply the massive size of that structure in the distance? Keep going Okmer!:thumbsup:


This looks incredible… Love tall the details and the plant and insects add to the image a lot… can’t wait to see what’s up next…


This is going to be real something, the flora and fauna have added life (no really :stuck_out_tongue: ) to this image. diversity aswell…One of my 4 favourites (outside my own:D)



This is my fav so far. Great work!!!


Well… it`s my favourite work in the illustration category so you must finish an win :deal:

Great work so far :applause: :applause: :applause:


I hope you have the foreground elements on an different layer to prevent painting around them when you are going to give the clouds/sky in the background some more shape/detail.
Silly me … sure you have.


It just gets better and better. The nature details are a beautiful addition.


He totaly blown my pic up!!!AArghhhh…

…No, don’t worry, just joking…
He promised me to fix it!

Had to do something else a bit…hu,hu,yorpffff.
So little speedy joke;;:slight_smile:

Ok now serious now again,got to get on with my pic…May ze forzz be wizz yall!!


Whaaaa, thank you so much guys and gals for your nice comments!!!amazingly motivating!!
Yes,Beelow, I’ll put Patricia in there near her car.
Fahrija,yep, a lot of layers there,ha,ha(need to do some cleaning by the way in my layers, its so helpful if all are named with their colors etc,etc…;Makes you win a lot of time.


ahahaha i crumble out of my cave to watch your piece and find such a mess ^^ typical :wink:
ok, tell the frant to fix that immediately and behave in future ^^ wish i had a helping frant too, my patricia only starres me with hercat eyes and mumbles how unhappy she’d be with my progress :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, very funny, Okmer!
Great progress on the rest of the piece too, btw. :slight_smile:



Your frant looks awesome I hope you keep that as your central focus, just joking:D
Love the plant life,:thumbsup: youre giving it some serious detail and now with the added time Im sure you’ll finish, cant wait fore you to paint Patricia in there, good luck, like you need it…


Yap,well back to serious now.I vired the Frant and so I can calmly get on with my pic.

Did my sketch and the first paint on Patricia.
It’s pixelwork because in reality in the pic she will be quit small/little.
Hey, it’s not my fault if this building is so big,ha,ha!
I’ll work her more out later on(pockets,some decoration on her costume,etc).
May ze forzz be wizz yall!:beer:


kewl first glance, looking great! hehe yep and of course: may shae forsh be wishoo too ^^


I shouldn’t lose time detailing Pat so much when I have to work at such a beautiful piece of architecture. I love what you did so far. Waiting for the final image breathless. Good luck!



woooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo! :buttrock: hey bro! :bounce: each and every update of urs is a treat for the soul! :love:

hehehe…love ur humourous drawings bro! :love: always cheerful! :smiley:

mama mia! Patricia looks amazingly beautiful! :eek: her hair style … her outfit … pose … even lighting! u da man Remko! :thumbsup: keep em comin!

looking forward to more updates! :bounce:

May ze forzz be wizz uz! :scream:

GO GO Remko! yipppeeeeeeeeeeee:buttrock:


Thats some fast nice lightning on her. Really good sens of values. Dont know if you should hide her thumb on the hip - but thats totally up to u :]

Go man go! Waitnig for next update :wink:


lol, poor Frant

I love your work and have a hunger to see more, more, more :slight_smile: