Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


well deserved, : ) congratulations !

see you in the next one man


Congratulations!!!:wise: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congrats!! Nice ending for you :thumbsup:


Congratulations, pal! (makes happy gestures):thumbsup: :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Great job and absolutely deserved award!

Tell me you’ll be in next time, I’m really looking forward to competing with you again.:slight_smile:


Congrats, mate.
This piece still rocks!!

Rock on:buttrock:


just dropping by to say congratulations, great image. :slight_smile:


Whooohohohohohohohohohoh!!!no words yet to say how I feel.Some of my favorite buddies are missing here…big up Neville,Sacha,Ninja,Walrus,Greatto,Manzieri,etc,etc…and so much more of you great guys and girls, but my brain is “game over” and tired right now.Was a long day…
Thank you all so very much for your nice words!!!This was such a great experience with all ya buddies and I’m impatient for the next challenge!

I still don’t really realise it and proberly tommorow after a good sleep I’ll find the right words to thank and congratulate you all.
Congratz to all the artists and winners!!!
Peace & Love!


Big Congrats from me, dude!

Now try and get some sleep, haha.


Whooo thanks Fahrija!!!You were the one who remembered about my little girl’s birthday…on her birthday itself!!!And let me tell you, that this had really touched me a very,very much!!!
ha,ha!!!Thank you so much again buddy!!!
Love and peace to you and your family man!
Now I gotta go get some…ZZZZZZZZZZZZ



Very well executed piece, Mad props!:applause:


Congrats, Remko! Way to go with the victory! Great piece, and congrats on your prize! :slight_smile:



Superb! Congratulations on the win my man!



Well I’m clearly way too late to say ‘let me be the first to congratulate you’. I’m delighted to see you up there on the winners’ podium. Yours was a fantastic entry from start to winning finish. Well done mate! Well deserved.


bro… thanx a whole gazillion! for all what u said :love:

i’ll always keep mentioning it … :stuck_out_tongue: ; the best of the challenge was meeting u and rest of the gang! all of u made it worthwhile :love: i’m very proud and very happy for u ; man! u been thru quite a lot during the challenge :open_mouth: but god has his ways … n u bounced back from the deep to finish what was meant to be :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m really really looking forward to seeing u and everyone else again! :cry:
another journey to enjoy! :smiley:
take care bro! all my love to u and ur family! :love: god bless u with the best of the best in life! :bounce:

hehe yup yup … one big hug from me too!:stuck_out_tongue: u da best man!

cheers as always! :beer:


Hi Remko! Congratulations on ur great entry once again, and after those troubles u had in the final moments, Im so glad u made it ok :smiley: It is great seeing u being one of the winners! Hope to see u in next challenges as well!


Thank you very much. I had a great time at the grand-space-opera-challenge and somehow at december it allways reminds me of you and your little kid, strange eh? haha.

Maybe I find the time to join the next challenge.

All the best to you.


Hey Remko, all i can say is well done, congratz on getting a placing…It is a fine piece of art through and through…It was one of my favourites because of the atmosphere…thos buildings had that eighties model effect that i was on about ^^…A very good reason in its own right to select this piece :).

Good on you mate.

see you next challenge



Hey Remko,

I really like the mood of your image , great job on it :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and Congrats on your placing too.


woo hooooo dang am I late congratulating you my friend :slight_smile: Beautiful work of art and I am so glad it got a placing


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