Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


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Whoaaa, so f)))))) great contest theme!!!

I’ll proberly have a hard time finishing the contest again with my work and an exposition in december but whooo, wouldn’t miss this for nothing!
I’ll try to scribble a bit anyway!

Such great artists and such a great theme,i’ll just sit back(having a but) and watch the show!

May the force be with you all and have great fun.

Whoooaaaaa,just fall from his chair again


Best of luck to you Remko! Have fun creating this world! :thumbsup:


well, normally had to head home…
But suddenly got really inspired by this totaly great theme and so did my first speedpainting…
Had so,
was burning inside,haha

Hope my girlfriend understands…


u da man mate! love ur concept to the core! freakin brilliant! :eek:

party on buddy! n good luck! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This painting looks great :scream:

Good start :thumbsup: good luck and have fun :bounce:


color is nouveaute! excellent concept~


great concept! like the colors also. You’ve got my attention!


I’m falling in love … :applause: Such a wonderful sketch!

Roman Grin3d


O man! :eek:

Lovely concept! :bounce: Looking forward to see more from you :thumbsup:!

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


Hey so nice comments!!!Thx Guys & Girls!!!

Actually >I didn’t read the book YET.
And this is what first came up to me after reading the “inspiration” section.

But tommorow morning I’ll be the first client in the librabry!!!
And I won’t leave it without the EON book!!!

hé,hé,hé(sound of a long an dark laughing)


Nice job, love the concept.



Yap, well just couldn’t sleep,ha,ha.
This thing keeps spooking around in my head…
Ha,ha, and what will that be once I’ve read the book.

bye,bye sleep.

The big problem is I ain’t got no WACOM here at home…
And the last time I officialy touched an mouse is for about 4 years ago,ha,ha.

So i just did a switch and some kind of sky with stars lightly in the upper part.
Just playin a bit,while waiting Morpheus…

Can’t wait to read the book!!!AAARGHH

See ya’ll tommorow.Good night!!!


THat purple kind a suc*s!!!
But just could’nt sleep and had to scribble a bit…sh**…

I’d better go 2 sleep


cancer tejring, thats an awesome sketch! ^^ :beer: keep em coming!
oh and by th way: officially best of luck and have fun ate :slight_smile: keep on rocking!


extemelly intresting and powerfull image… good luck wi th your entry


Hey Remko!

Wow, this is a really nice sketch, very impressive:thumbsup: !

Looking forward to see your vision when you’ve read the book!

Let me wish you good luck and of course a lot of fun here:) !




Great idea you have there.



great sketch:thumbsup:


Good luck. Hope your book is here now :smiley: