Eon (Illustration) Entry: Raine Kuusi


Great work!


I didn’t do lineart so this is best I’ve got.


"The fifth chamber was darker than the others. A canopy of flat gray clouds painted the cylinder’s upper atmosphere, cutting out half the robe light. Beneath the clouds was a Wagnerian landscape of barren mountains, resembling ragged lumps of anthracite mixed with dark-rainbowed hematite. Between the mountains were rusty abyssal valleys, cut by waterfalls feeding into quicksilver rivers. The mountains toward the middle of the chamber floor were startling in their contortions-arches, giant rugged cubes, broken-tipped pyramids and causeways of irregular slab steps.

“What in hell was this?” she asked.

“A kind of open pit mine, we think. Our two geologist’s-you met Robert Smith, he’s one-speculate that when the chambers were hollowed out, the fifth wasn’t finished off. They left it for raw material. And the Stoners used it. These are the scars.”

“Perfect for fans of old horror movies,” Patricia said. “Can’t you just see Castle Dracula here?”"

I did not have the chance to read the book, which was really unfortunate. I had school for most of the time, and could not afford the time. So I had to take one of the chapters provided by the “inspiration” -section of the contest. But I think this piece is quite close to what I felt when I read the description.

I imagined something of “Exploring of the 5th chamber” and what it might have been like to walk through one of those valleys.


HI Ranath.

Awesome work. Weird place.

Congratulation with final pic.


huge epic moody piece and brought masterly to its final. kick ass work mate, congrats on your great finish. best of luck on the finals and see ya next challenge :smiley: keep on rockin!:buttrock: :beer:


holy mama! :eek: congratulations dude! :scream::applause:

i totally agree with Sacha! :eek: very moody and dark the same time! … love the entire look! u really managed to capture that light spill very nicely! i even dig the rainbow colouring and glittery texture! wow! :eek: very good perspective depth! theres a lot here! well done my friend!

good luck dude! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


yeah, so this is the end of the contest, good luck all, I had fun. I’m not entirely happy with my results, but one shouldn’t be… so there is always room for improvement. Looking forward seeing you in the next contest!


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