Eon (Illustration) Entry: Raine Kuusi


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Fifth Chamber


hello, may I join?

Trying to do something else than my usual style. This was supposed to be dark and moody… place for a scifi Dracula castle!


just a small update… some details. I’m thinking of adding some colors too. The minerals described in the brief… I should put them in before it’s too late!


Hi raine welcome to the challenge ^^

, fantastic concept! it would be be great to explore this environment for real…deep and moody ^^

best of luck



Ah yes. The minerals of chamber 5. That’s the challenge I’m tackeling as well. Your piece looks very moody and interesting. I like how you approached this piece with a vertical pan as well. My only concern is that you may not get the impression that this is out of eon, and that may be ok, but that may also be something you should consider as you continue with your sketches. Good luck I’ll be watching this one.


hey guys, thanks for comments!

LightSovereign - yea hope it looks interesting enough! Thanks for nice words!

RaresHalmagean - thanks… I haven’t had the chance to read the book so I just had to read the scene descriptions from inspiration page… so I don’t know the story :confused: I just did my take of the description of the fifth chamber and don’t really know whether this should be out of eon or not :shrug: anyway thanks for comment, I’ll try to get to the story soon


Excelent start Raine! Nice to see you here, good luck man!:thumbsup:


Hi Raine,

I agree with Rares opinion, It’s already a great sketch but if you will try to put some more EON-elements in it , you’ll surely come-up with even more compelling composition!..


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wow, now I feel like I really should do some research… I don’t know anything abotu EON so I don’t know what elements you guys mean. I’ve seen huge beams of light and these tubes constantly appearing in the works of other people but man… I dunno, they seemed to basic scifi stuff to me…


hey man! All the best, great start!

Poeple pointed out the sparse connection with EON in your piece, but I am struggling with the same problem… :confused:


Welcome back to the contest Raine! Looks impressive! I haven’t read to much of the book so I cannot say anything about what the fifth chamber is about. Good luck anyways! :thumbsup:


a new start, hoping to stick more to the description of the fifth chamber. I tried to stay to close to grayscale here.


I think the mood of this image is absolutely awesome. I especially like the foreground shapes in the lower right. Better hurry though, the deadline will be here soon.


thanks. I think I’ll forget this one and go ahead to do ‘The Death’. There’s gonna be a lot more stuff to play with.


This was a real pain to do and it doesn’t even show. But I didn’t change the subject!!


So here’s the concept art for the previous image. It’s better than the one above because of the loose quality to it. I’ll try to fix it for the updated version too.


More details. Tried to make it more loose at the same time. I have a bad feeling about this…


I really like the atmosphere!!!Bring in some more details maybe on the first character maybe.something like him:her with a torch directed on the ground and some light on is:her face.
Good luck for the last run!!!


very nice progress, comes along mysterious and dark, love the mood. as for the exporers, i think a bit lesser of them would make the feel of “lost in the dark” stronger, like a small group of 4 or 5 of them exploring a huge scary miner environment. either way, very cool work, looking forward to your next update! best of luck on the final run :slight_smile:


hey thanks a lot guys! I’m afraid I kinda bricked this one and I actually once again did a new concept, hope to get the sketch uploaded tonight. I improved the composition and tried to get more of the “lost in the dark” mood as was suggested. Kinda like the idea of “exploring the worlds withing worlds” -thing or something…

I’m not entirely sure if there has to be the “EON” text somewhere in the final piece? Any idea guys?