Eon (Illustration) Entry: Radu Bogdan Boeru


Really nice work so far - I love those textures! It will be fun to see what you make of this.


I tried to imagine an enormous background which eventually fades in artificial orange clouds. And I realise that my background should be disposed in several perspective fields, one succeeding another, so the fade effect would not only be realised chromatically but by construction itself. This is my second field type of buildings, an egg shaped suspended monolith.


Details will follow!


I like this gate. Let´s enter!:smiley: I´ll be watching to this:thumbsup:


…for a couple of days till 3 am. My head hurts since then :slight_smile:


Nice start :thumbsup: I like the gate and the aliens.

I`m looking forward to see more progress, good luck and have fun :bounce:


Ah, a gate opening scene, very good choice:) …I really like your concept and what you made of it so far, your buildings and creatures are very original:thumbsup: - this will make a very interesting picture! Looking forward to discover more!




10x a lot! I like your way slider too. Very organic and new (from the contruction point of view). Looks very futuresque! Success and have a lot of fun putting it into motion!:thumbsup:


Thank you very much for your best wishes and good luck 2 u 2. I’m glad that your Patricia character looks spanish (latino american I mean), and she is dressed more like present days. Other representations of her (including mine - but it was just an unreallistic costume sketch fantasy:)) depict a sexy blonde female with a 3rd millenia outfit, which, after my oppinion contradict the character’s book description. I like yours very much. Maybe you’ll post a close up of her portrait ?!? Hope see ore of your artwork soon!


your creatureconcepts ar a hammer, specially the octopus, luved that one! the gate works quiet well already. as for the lightning effect, if i remember right, we have to submit a short animation of the scene, you might try renderable splines with a glow on it since they are easier to animate that way, or maybe create something particle based (make 1 flash animation, assign it to object based emitter use different timesegments so the 1 lightning is animating all its “children” :))
great work on the shaders and textures, as well as the light. looking forward to you your further progress, keep on rocking mate! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Thank you 4 your very professional “tutorial”, but, humbly, I must recognize that I’m crap at 3D. Call it lack of time, professional (2D) disease, but I know only to work with polygons, not in a master way (as you described it). I entered 2D contest, so I am not dued to present a few seconds animation of my work. I just use a little 3D for speeding my creation process and generating different and spectacular angles without drawing them by hand using perspective, anamorphosis and other ways that consume time and resources. After all working with digital media permits me to virtually put on screen my world of ideas in many ways. I surely have enjoyed generating my scene in 3D, but, as I said, I’m not 2 good at it. Anyway, many many thanks on your advices. They’re very inspirational and stimulating. Hope someday I’ll remember this and accelerate my 3D learning process. 10X again!:applause:


lol, my bad, i just answered some posts in 3dscene so i thought i’d still be there :slight_smile: and, no, you are far from being crappy at 3d, i like very much what you done here and lighteffects as well as geometry are done efficient, stylish, functionally believable, short solid 3d design.
:slight_smile: looking forward to your next update and dw, your 3d skills rock!


thx, I will have certainly fun to animate it :slight_smile: but it`s a long way to arrive to this :banghead:
check back in 60 days :smiley:


Hello! I like your sketches. they so different from others and … it is great, you know.


I’m also looking forward finding some time to update mi mission. Hard to find the time I was talking about!:shrug:


I don’t know if my russian is ok, so if I have written something stupid please excuse me. Thank you and good luck if or if not want to participate at EON or any other contests on CG.



Here comes my first alien leg. Next post - the whole figure I guess.


Hey Radu…

great to discover some details and your alien leg looks very…mhh, alien:scream: …
seeing this it’s hard to imagine the whole creature, looking forward to your next update with this!

Thanks for your nice words and if you want to see a portrait of her, just look in my thread, a close-up wip is already there:) !

Nice day for you,



I tried many ways to picture this race. It’s a very short and unbinding description of the double reversed U’s linked by a shallow organic limb alien, posing a difficult attempt at picturing it accurately. Since Greg Bear describes it as dark (very dark, actually) I tried “spookying” around a little bit. I posted some sketches of it, resembling more of a animal on Earth, but finally I decided that my original sketch suits the chosen theme best. I’ll finish it slowly, since I chose a very difficult way of detailing and texturing, but I’ll be continuing working on the landscape and perspective sketch. These I think will be my next updates. Thank you for your oppinions on my alien and good luck with your Patricia (she looks cool!):thumbsup:


nice to see you appart from great hardsurfacemodelling also rock on flowing dynamocal shaping of organical things. the leg looks good, keep up the great work :slight_smile: rock on! :beer::buttrock::wip: